“Be Strong In The Grace that is In Christ Jesus” 2 Timothy 2:1


When things are seemingly slow in what we define as progress, we could easily become discouraged. It is during those times we must be intentional to yield to our Helper even more. It is actually an invite to draw close to HIM, & to ask HIM to fuel us with Fresh Fire so that momentum continues to build. 2 Timothy 2:1 instructs us to be strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus. It is by the Grace of The Lord Jesus Christ, that we are led from strength to strength, from faith to faith, & from glory to glory. Momentum is purposely designed by our Master to build us up more and get us stronger toward the end. As followers of Jesus, we are to grow & mature spiritually. We are to listen & obey His Instructions. Challenges should actually propel our momentum to a greater fruitfulness in Christ. Sometimes we do not see the manifestation of our well doing according to our time frames & at those times we are tested. Will we trust Him? Will we celebrate His Grace for that particular season? Will we review our history with The Lord? Will we heart posture to count it all joy, & truly give thanks in all things? Will we remember those initial instructions that catapulted us into a blaze of fire? These are actually rich opportunities made available to us for more faith, more Grace, & encounters of more of His Presence upon us, to become MORE LIKE HIM. The momentum, which is a must, will be made stronger if we are not given to complacency. If we refuse to accept the status quo. We do not listen to the wrong voices. We cling to The Lord and do not gravitate into a deficit of hope, allowing false reasoning, & then murmuring & complaining. These natural tendencies of the flesh are all enemies of momentum. However, the propelling fuel for momentum which is Grace for continued spiritual growth is Holy Spirit given. More Grace of Momentum comes when we praise no matter what. We are strengthened when we are quick to repent of any sin, when we prophecy those things that are not as thou they are, & when we celebrate every victory no matter how small we may think it is. Challenge & testing are actually good. It is for growth, & fortitude to truly go from Grace to Grace, Faith to Faith, & Glory to Glory. We believe the Holy Spirit is stirring all of us in The Body to not shrink back, but to cling to patient endurance. Be Strong in the Grace that is In Christ Jesus! The Challenge is real & cannot be driven by our own strength, & intellect. Momentum, which is empowerment for spiritual maturity, is best derived in the secret place from Holy Spirit. Blessed are the poor in spirit, (those that admit they have a need) (those that are willing & admitting that if HE does not fuel us, we falter fast) for theirs is the kingdom of God. These are the ones with the spiritual momentum to go forth & finish strong for His Glory. “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap, if we do not lose heart” (Galatians 6:9.) “Trust In The Lord, Do not lean unto your own Understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5-6.) Multiplied Grace be with you to Finish Strong in The Image of Jesus. Oh, The Magnitude of Momentum!


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