“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon YOU.” 2 Chronicles 20:12 B

As we review the multiplied Grace of God Almighty that is poured out upon us, we find ourselves weeping in HIS presence. There is no way that we can adequately describe HIS embrace. You just know that you are wrapped in HIM and HE is holding you. It is intimacy that far exceeds any type of nearness that one could ever experience with another human. It is perfect and Holy. It is tangible and undeniable. It is beautiful in the most utmost way. This revelation that is given by Divine Encounters catapults us into true worship. This is not anything that any person can manufacture. It is indeed HIS Grace which is empowerment through HIS intervention into our lives. We have a tendency to see it more clearly being manifested when we are under trials. Perhaps it is because we are looking for HIM the more intently to hold us and strengthen us. HIS design of interaction in our lives is insurmountable. Only HE can orchestrate and put HIS approval on the very delicate and every aspect of our lives. When HE approves anything to happen in our lives it is always for a greater good, though we may or may not see it at the time. Our quiet and intentional sacred meeting times with HIM day in and day out prepares us. It is such a gift to be under HIS care and trusting of HIM. The more time we share with HIM, the more we have this abiding sincere trust in HIM. Our strength indeed is found in our intimacy with HIM. We just experienced this testimony, and it is fitting to share at this time. “Recently having to undergo a medical procedure that was of an urgent need, the Specialist was challenged with the difficulty of this assignment. Please know he was not a novice, he was indeed capable and experienced with much education, however... this particular culprit was hiding. The Specialist was determined to find the root cause of this specific dilemma. This procedure took many hours on 2 separate occasions. All through this procedure there was great vulnerability, and hypersensitivity on my part. At times I felt as if I literally would not be able to stay in cooperation and allow the finishing of this procedure that was again urgently needed. But as I fixed my gaze upon JESUS, and asked HIM to hold me, I did experience HIS PEACE. I then began to focus on the least evangelized on the planet and began to pray for them silently as this Medical Procedure on me was in full force. The Specialist did finally find the problem and began treatment. Afterward, I got to lay hands on His assistant and pray over her. She wept and so did I.” This testimony is not an isolated incident, but one of many occasions while under an attack. THE LORD INDEED HOLDS US AS WE DO SET OUR GAZE UPON HIM. It is so true, during the most intense times of warfare, we get the privilege to feast at The Lord’s Table and our enemies have to watch us eat. (Psalm 23:5) We all have those times in our lives when it is clearly warfare going on. There seems to be one attack after another and followed by another. Can any of you testify? Are you in undeniable warfare now? Perhaps you just got a bit of reprieve from some mass artillery spiritual warfare hits. The reality is… Warfare is inevitable, no one is exempt, no matter what your status is. No one is excused from trials, not Saints, nor Sinners… Warfare happens to all of us. Spiritual Warfare is no respecter of persons. Sometimes we get hit, and its over pretty quickly, yet sometimes we get this sequence of events one right after another and barely catching our breath before the next attack has occurred. We are learning that we cannot compare our situations with another person. Yes, warfare hits all of us and yes the situations and circumstances may be somewhat similar, but there are different dynamics with each individual. However, the things that we have in common are... We will all face trials. Spiritual Warfare is a reality. We can learn from the battles and grow spiritually if we so choose. We can get some spoils out of the war. Even though our situations are not entirely alike with another’s trials, we can still have mercy and give comfort to others going through intense battles. God’s Word tells us that we will be able to comfort others as we have been comforted ourselves. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5. “Blessed be The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” What is the Greatest thing we can do during warfare? We can choose to worship. It may not be a loud song at the moment with a declaration of Praise, but it can be a silent prayer for the most vulnerable on the planet that Holy Spirit brings to our remembrance at the moment. Please know if you are able to shout and sing… by all means do… but sometimes you cannot. Worship… true worship is a matter of the heart, and takes on many aspects… quiet, whispers, or loud blasts… HE knows the heart. The most strategic intervention that we can ever do during battle is worship. But what are we worshipping? We can worship the enemy by giving him too much attention on his attacks on us… We can worship ourselves in having so much self-focus and pity…. or we can choose to worship The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. We can cooperate with HIS heartbeat and continue to do exploits with HIM even when being hit left and right by enemy forces. We must choose to worship in this war by HIS Grace. We do not have the strength on our own or even the desire. It is God’s Grace. What about you Friend? Any current Spiritual warfare artillery hitting you? Stay Humble before The Lord. HE opposes the proud but gives Grace to the humble. (James 4:6) Ask Holy Spirit to give you strategies. Ask HIM to cause you to be militant in desire to worship HIM in the secret places of your heart. Pray and take on intercession for the neediest, the least evangelized on the planet, that never have heard about JESUS. Be ready to minister and witness to those who have come into your midst only because of this trial that you are in…. in other words, you would have never crossed the path of some people lest you faced a particular trial. Make it count. GET SOME SPOILS, FIX YOUR GAZE UPON JESUS, IN THE HEAT OF WAR, WORSHIP THE LORD.


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