SHILOH MESSENGER - November 2022


“Giving Thanks Always and for Everything to God The Father.” Ephesians 5:20

As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving in this month of November, there is so very much to give Thanks for. We cannot confine Thanksgiving to one day per year. We do understand Thanksgiving Day is historical in our Nation. There is great significance regarding the early pioneers of our Nation, and the original coming together of two People groups in unity serving one another in humility and love. Many things happened through the years after that first Thanksgiving, that manifested in a downward spiral of the different ethnic groups and how some have been treated with indeed a lack of respect, honor, and love. Wow…What a reflection that we as a people can learn from and such a need to embrace with our whole heart. There should be a manifestation with our lives serving one another in respect, humility and love. Having stated that, we cannot take lightly that Thanksgiving is not just an annual event but yet a Life Style. God’s Word is replete regarding Thanksgiving, and its Significance. To the ones who truly grasp this way of life, it is indeed an on-going manifestation. It is not just lip service but wholehearted devotion to The God of The Universe that gave HIS Son for our redemption, and also a love, and respect for each person that HE clearly loves and that is made in HIS image. Every day, and every moment of the day is TRULY THANKSGIVING. The very word itself is THANKS, and GIVING is hooked on to it being the very make up of that Thanks. We will all stand before Him and give an account as to how we loved. Love is an action Word. Therefore, to truly be THANKFUL, it too is an action word. If we are Thankful, it will be demonstrated from our everyday inner actions and how we do life. It is not just enough to say Thank you. Anyone can say Thank you. Children are generally taught at an early age to say Thank You when they begin talking…. We can all utter the words… But yet a True Thank you is demonstrated. We can never ever Thank THE SOVEREIGN GOD enough. If you got out of bed, can stand up, kneel down, breathe, have a heartbeat, think, talk, hear, speak, read….. MY GOODNESS !!! All reasons to Thank HIM!! If you have a roof over your head, you have electricity, clean drinking water, DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED! If you have food to eat, and you also have the appetite to eat, If you have a disease Free body….. Celebrate HIS GOODNESS!!! If you left home today in a vehicle to your work or to do errands and you had the means to do so…. THANK HIM!!! If you have running warm water for washing your dishes and for bathing… GIVE HIM PRAISE!!!! If you have family that you love and they love you.. THANK HIM!!! If you have had encounters with HOLY SPIRIT and HE drew you into a relationship with The FATHER through JESUS, IT CLEARLY SHOULD BE A FOREVER CELEBRATION OF THANKSGIVING TO HIM!!! For We, the redeemed to have the gift of dialogue with HIM is a high price JESUS paid for and we must steward well with perpetual conversations!!!! Have you had conversations with HIM today? IF HE Convicts you of sin in your life… THANK HIM!!!! You are hearing from HIM, and HE is protecting you on your journey to meet with HIM. If you have compassion for the lost, the poor, the destitute, and homeless…. YOU DID NOT MANUFACTURE THAT!!!! THANK HIM that HE deposited that compassion into you… If you still can weep when you experience HIS Presence…. THANK HIM!!!! If HE has warned you in dreams so that you can arise and PRAY that the onslaught of the devil will be averted by HIM…. THANK HIM! If HE has brought to your remembrance things of the past that HE clearly has forgiven you of, but HE reminds you at times of HIS HAND OF MERCY that is upon you… THANK HIM!!! If you have the gift of sincere friendships that will literally do as the First Natives of our Nation did in serving The Pilgrims… DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE THANKS!!! There is literally so very much to be Thankful for. If you escaped an automobile accident unharmed as chaotic as the public highways are these days…. We believe you surely gave THANKS! If HE got you out of some tight jams… and there was literally no logical way out in the natural… DO NOT FORGET!!! If you have the privilege to attend Corporate Worship Services and you do not have to hide as underground Churches in other Nations do… GIVE THANKS!!! If we are indeed redeemed by THE BLOOD OF JESUS, GIVE HIM ON-GOING THANKSGIVING with your life doing exploits with HIM, and allowing HIM to use you as a conduit of HIS LOVE toward others. If we all are Indeed a Thankful People we will view from HIS lens. Every Ethnic People group, Race, Tribe, Nation, and Tongue are not to be devalued. JESUS died for all. Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in HIS sight. The ones yet to surrender to THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS watch us… God’s Word tells us, “BY THIS EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES, IF YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” (John 13:35) We must be careful how we treat one another. Each of us can testify that we have dropped the ball at times of stewarding love for others as HE has ordained. We all are challenged at different times with our representation of HIS Heartbeat toward one another. Yet time is drawing nigh for HIS soon coming again. May we each lean into HIM the more and allow HIM to mold us in purity? WE ALL HAVE SO MUCH TO ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR. THANKSGIVING is not an annual event but yet an on-going LOVE WALK with THE SOVEREIGN LORD and an on-going LOVE that is demonstrated toward ONE ANOTHER. If we seriously are THANKFUL shouldn't we all do it in action mode? Many times, on our journey we get so fixated on the many task that are full on our plate with no more room for one more thing and we have a tendency to get highly frustrated and irritated with the addition of an interruption... We can easily fail a TEST when interruptions pounce upon us suddenly… We believe so many times it is those very interruptions that if we are careful and guided by HOLY SPIRIT, will develop into an Interception that can develop into an Intervention with an Eternal Impact for HIS Glory. The greatest way to say THANK YOU is to give our lives for HIS GLORY which is by the way our reasonable Service. Giving Thanks Always and for everything to God The Father. IT IS ALWAYS THANKSGIVING.


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