SHILOH MESSENGER - November 2013

Just One Reasonable Response In the Manifestation Of Thankfulness

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, however to be correct it is purely an extension, an on-going celebration of a (SELAH) (A Pausing to think about it) of The Lord God’s Attributes, THE ACTUAL GOODNESS OF GOD! Every day is cause to reflect upon HIS GOODNESS, HIS GRACE, HIS REDEEMPTION, HIS FAITHFULNESS, HIS INTEGRITY, HIS MERCY, HIS PROTECTION, HIS PROVISION, HIS PRESENCE, HIS LOVE, HIS WISDOM, HIS REVELATION that HE eagerly bestows onto those in Covenant with HIM! The Psalmist says it so fittingly in Psalm 145:5, as this one is articulating a heart that is bursting at the seams with thanksgiving as HE exclaims, “I will meditate on the glorious splendor of YOUR MAJESTY, and On YOUR Wondrous Works.” And like the Psalmist, our objective must be so full of thanksgiving that we as well do reflect on what God has said and what HE has done and on what HE is like. For those who have been encountered by HIM and have this precise mind set and heart throb, surely every day is cause to SELAH and be a Thanksgiving Day, because after HE reveals HIMSELF to you there is not but one reasonable response to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.
The Following poem was given to us by The Inspiration of The Holy Spirit several years ago and it is massively loaded in distinguishing ONLY ONE RIGHT RESPONSE FROM A THANKFUL HEART. We encourage you to reflect on the words that gigantically pronounce a life that lives out Thanksgiving.
What is an offering Lord may we ask, Is it an assignment, a test, or a task, is it for us to determine as we will, selecting for our self in safety of the well and calculated bill? Lord, YOU and YOU alone can define this rather touchy and misunderstood topic correctly, because at best we make a mess as we flounder with mortal words indirectly. Oh Lord reveal to each of us what is really true, YOUR offering Dear FATHER, give us revelation and our hearts to YOU please woo.
“Alright, I will answer you, so listen carefully, it is surely not a set standard, nor an admission fee, it is not religion, nor tradition, not a ritual, or something mankind coerces you to do, it is a matter of the heart that speaks volumes to you. It is to the one that is captivated and has purposed to give me a gift, their focus is upon I AM and they refuse to be allured by today’s economics, fleshly agendas and drift. Rationalization, Justification, selfishness, and fear are tools that intoxicate and numb your giving, but faith and trust are attributes of the ones who are truly living. So I will end with a question directed back to the heart of each one of you, is the offering something you must control and do? Or have you come to the place where all is Mine, and it is a pleasure for you to participate in the Sacred, Holy, and Divine. If you are persistent in asking for ways to increase to ME, then you are an extravagant giver, you have indeed a thankful heart, and with the eyes of The Spirit you see. Those yielding have been given Agape Love to rescue and build MY Kingdom Enterprise, Only in the secret places of your heart can you determine if you will participate and what will be your offering size. So you asked ME to define it with words spoken by ME, I tell you the offering is pure love, a thankful heart, and a gauge to measure one’s priorities you see. If I have nothing less than 100% of you, and you truly produce Romans 12:1-2, then money, resources, time, gifts, and talents that I allow you to steward you see, are something you live with fiery passion to give back to ME. Yes, you will look for opportunities to sow much seed, through the various things I allow you to steward, even in difficult times when you are in need, Because you have come to the place where you are building with ME, and I have given you an Eternal mind set and a Global Perspective, MY VISION to see. So instead of crying out like so many do, for ME to bring them increase so they can do what their flesh desires to pursue, you are asking ME to fulfill your destiny so I can give through you, this is MY definition of a giver, an offering of a thankful heart through and through.”
 Therefore there is just but the one reasonable response regarding Thanksgiving, and the manifestation of a thankful heart expressing thankfulness back TO The Lord God Almighty, and that simply but profoundly is a completely surrendered life back to HIM (Romans 12:1-2).

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