"The heart of man plans his way, but THE LORD establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9


The beginning of a fresh New Year has begun. What will it hold? None of us can say what 2023 will completely be. We can hope, We can believe, We can even have a knowing of some things and truly sense as to what The Lord is speaking in our spirit about 2023. We can obviously observe the times and the uproar of blatant evil in our society. We can parallel this to what we see in Matthew chapter 24….But every detail regarding 2023… We do not know. Somethings are mysteries, and truly Our Father in Heaven desires us to come to HIM everyday for instructions. (This is relational) But as far as every day knowing in advance, and the ends and the outs… We do not know. James tells us do not say and tomorrow we will do this and that, for we do not know what a day holds.. (James 4:15.) We are given precisely the amount of information The Lord desires for us to have at any given point. What pleases God is Faith. Now Faith. Everyday moment by moment Faith. Trusting HIM, to instruct us step by step. This is what gives us an utter dependence upon HIM, and deepens us in our relationship with HIM. HE tells us how to live our lives through HIS Word regardless of what happens. Having stated all of the above, we do sense certain things for 2023 that we believe HE is highlighting…. We are sensing that 2023 will manifest a greater Travailing in prayer individually and will be manifested as well corporately. This Travail in the Spirit that no one can manufacture, but is given by Holy Spirit is for getting us in alignment for these days of opportunity and adventure that we have been privileged with. Motives will be challenged and made pure or we will not fulfill the purpose in which HE has designed for us. Unity within The Body of Christ will be laid before HIM on HIS Operating Table. Positions, labels and platforms that are not of a true Bondservant will be excised. Humility must be cultivated for Revival to come. Revival can only progress as far as Humility is allowed to advance. It is imperative that we yield to HIS purging and purification within us. We cannot mingle the common with the HOLY regarding HIS NAME and HIS Mission. The Pride of youth, the pride of old age, pride of appearance, pride of abilities, skills, pride of accomplishments, pride of knowledge, pride of wealth and power, pride of numbers, all of these are exemplified in worldliness and selfish ambition and hinder genuine Revival. We have a window of opportunity and have been blessed with the gift of time in which we were handpicked to live in. This can be the greatest soul harvest that the world has yet experienced. If we are casual with this gift and do not steward it with integrity, purity, and passion in alignment with our Soon Coming Bridegroom King...Oh how foolish, to not live circumspectly & to neglect The Fear of The Lord …. Extremely serious. The motives of our heart are utmost. Our motives are only purified in HIS Presence. We cannot afford little time with HIM and expect to be conformed to HIS IMAGE. Yes… indeed there are natural responsibilities of life that we must attend, however it is vital that HE is our first priority. The conversations with HIM should be deep and wide and ongoing. HIS fruit within us is in a continual nurturing state. HE is THE TILLER of the soil within our hearts. It is easy to neglect and allow thorns to choke HIS WORD, to yield to the cares of this world, and to be quickly deceived by satan. The secret place of prayer must be cultivated the more than ever before in these intense times that we live in. The quiet solitude of hosting HIS presence is utmost and there is no substitutes. In these quiet moments we have with HIM there is HIS HEART BEAT for humanity infused within us.. HE pours within us wisdom for situations and circumstances. We cannot follow a plan of yesterday in its entirety, but we must inquire of HIM for instructions, implementations, and yes even deletions. Now Saying this twice… Humility is vital, and not that it has not ever been vital… but for sure we must yield to HIM to examine our hearts and point out any pride, lack of love, selfish ambition, rallying for recognition and repent quickly and sincerely with great remorse. We must have an urgency of the time and to see each individual that is before us and love them well through HIS LENS and HIS HEART. Because of the gift of the time frame in which we were handpicked to be on the planet, it is imperative that we have a burdened desire for all people to hear The Gospel, and through our prayers in advance that their hearts are ready to respond to HIM with full surrender ot HIS LORDSHIP. We by HIS GRACE, must represent THE LORD well in thought, word, and action, yielding to HIM to be conformed more every day to HIS likeness. We must be available and ready, alert to evangelize one by one as HE gives us opportunities. We must be devoted to pray for we , HIS BODY, and for the lost that are yet to come in. We pray this year, 2023, will be a year of increasing intimacy, fear of The Lord, Humility, sincere unity within we, HIS BODY, and purity of motives abounding in love. We pray we yield to HIS alignment for Revival and for a great Soul Harvest globally. We pray that each of us will inquire of our Master the more and our times of meeting with HIM individually and corporately will be enhanced with the aroma of HIS presence and the manifestations of being before our Lord in such a way that there is indeed repentance and times of refreshing. As one of the Shiloh graduates, (Anthony Huerta) put it recently “America is hurting. We must go to the people. I have never been more motivated to get out in the streets.” He states, “ “Just Christmas Eve we went caroling with our family and I met Joe who is 45 years old and experiencing kidney failure. After talking and praying for about 15 minutes, he acknowledged God has been chasing him his whole life and he was done with running and finally wanted to surrender to The Lordship of Jesus!” “It was amazing, and it seems in that conversation that God had been working for a while on Joe’s heart and it was low hanging fruit.” PRAISE GOD!! We also hear the testimonies frequently of Shiloh Interns that are on errands for Shiloh Ministries, and in service lines awaiting check out, they have conversations and hold a prayer meeting with individuals that are right there before them. Glory to God!!! Therefore Brothers & Sisters In Christ, Make it count! We are privileged to be alive IN CHRIST at this time. Inquire of HIM! Let HIM set your heart ablaze. Now is the time. NO ACCIDENT, HANDPICKED!



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