The Word Dialogue comes from the Greek Word dialogos. Logos means “The Word”. A conversation between two or more individuals. Conversation is to exchange of talk, discussion, the act of imparting, conferring, or delivering from one to another as the communication of knowledge, opinions or facts. Dialog is exploring one another. One of the methods God imparts His benevolent Grace upon us is through the dialogue we have with HIM. After we wholeheartedly give our lives over to THE LORD We develop a continual conversing with HIM, IF INDEED we truly have a relationship with HIM. It is what sets us apart. It is this RELATIONSHIP that continues to be nurtured day in and day out. It is not a one-sided conversation where we do all the talking to HIM, and only at times of need…. but it is truly a Dialogue that never stops. Oh there are pauses as we interact with life and responsibilities, but even during those times HE is leading us by HIS SPIRIT. Our conversation picks up and continues, so that even in times of taking care of life, we are inquiring of HIM and asking HIM for direction, Wisdom, Discernment, strength, and to keep our hearts anchored in HIM in Purity. HIS WORD is clear instructing us to not lean unto our own understanding but in all of our ways to acknowledge HIM and HE will direct our path. Proverbs 3:5-6. We develop along our Spiritual Journey a keen sensitivity to HIS VOICE. HIS Word tells us that HIS Sheep know HIS Voice and another they do not follow. (John 10:27) HE loves to have Dialogue with Us. JESUS PURCHASED THE CONVERSATIONS WE ARE PRIVILEDGED TO HAVE. THE PERPETUAL DIALOGUE THAT WE HAVE WITH THE FATHER COST JESUS HIS LIFE. OH YES!! It is indeed a Priceless Dialogue. The meetings we get to have with HIM at any time are never to be taken for granted. They are to be intimate, deep, sacred, and Hallowing HIS NAME. YES, we are to know HIM as a Friend and a Father, but we must never lose that reverential awe and take for granted that we are talking to any individual…...or listening to any individual….. This is the most priceless and precious conversation and relationship we will ever have. It is interesting that many times most people that identify themselves as being BORN AGAIN and as a Follower of JESUS cannot tell you what the last thing HE told them…..Yet we are to have this ongoing conversing with HIM. HIS WORD verifies this. PRAY CONTINUALLY. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.) Perpetual is defined as Continuing forever, EVERLASTING, valid for all time, occurring continually, indefinitely long continued, blooming continuously throughout the season. Dear Friend, can you identify? Does your relationship with JESUS hold true regarding you engaging in conversations to this degree? Do you know the last conversation you had with HIM? What did you talk to HIM about? What did HE say to you during that last conversation? These questions can be a litmus test in how much we truly talk with Him, and of the nurturing of our relationship with HIM. And again, a conversation is really not considered a conversation unless two are involved in the conversing. Dialogue is defined as a conversation between two or more persons, whereas monologue is defined as one person doing the talking. Are our prayer times all monologue or are we pausing to hear HIM. The most precious and most priceless conversation we will ever have is with HIM. So how is it going? Is it a sacred and priceless interaction to you or are you casual and void of discerning that it is indeed priceless and has everything to do with our maturation in truly having a nurtured relationship with THE SOVEREIGN LORD? HIS BLOOD alone is our atonement, but we must be serious about our pursuit of The Perpetual Dialogue. This is why HE purchased us. It is all about Relationship. If there is no or even little conversation…, do we really have relationship with HIM? Miracles happen in prayer regarding our conformity. There is Purging in HIS Presence. HE desires a WHOLE HEART, not just portions of our heart, and not on occasional basis. JESUS said, “MY HOUSE is to be a HOUSE OF PRAYER, but you have made it into a den of thieves” …. (Matthew 21:13). WOW! Are you allowing anything or anyone to steal your times of conversing with HIM? There is Purity in PRAYER. As HIS Bride we are being prepared for these end times in HIS PRESENCE. We are in the most intense war. Our enemies are unseen. We need THE ANCHOR OF OUR SOUL to share with us HIS strategies. The extravagant Dialogue that we have been blessed with is not to be poorly stewarded. Take Hold!! HIS Word gives us instructions to pray without ceasing. This means we have an open unending dialogue with The Lord. We talk to HIM about everything. We wait for HIM to respond. HE leads us by HIS WORD. HE leads us by HIS SPIRIT. Oh this priceless perpetual dialogue!! In the natural we have to pay for our phone service in order to converse with other people and many times it is faulty…. Sometimes we do not have reception, Sometimes we get a busy signal, Sometimes we are put on hold, sometimes we get leave a message… and this is with people….And then sometimes… we converse with people who talk on and on and on and we tarry with them… even to an hour or more in conversing... But the COSTLY EXTRAVAGANT PERPETUAL DIALOGUE with The Creator and Sustainer of The Universe has paid in full and we have on-going reception as long as we do not disconnect. How long do we tarry with HIM? Jesus asked HIS early Disciples; can you not tarry one hour? (Matthew 26:40) Again… What was your last conversation and when with HIM? What was HIS last words to you? YES, it is that important!! When HE speaks LISTEN! Samuel learned at an early age to say, “Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening.” (I Samuel 3:1-10). Steward THE COST. HE PAID FOR THE CONVERSATION. Listen Well. HE invites us into dialogue. HE tells us to call upon HIM and HE will show us great and mighty things we know not of. (Jeremiah 33:3). We encourage each of you and ourselves. What was the last scripture you read? How did HE speak to your heart? Talk to HIM about it. We are invited and the price has been paid. Do not neglect such a great Salvation. (Hebrews 2:3). Salvation will absolutely manifest an ongoing nurturing, non-ending RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER, JESUS, AND HOLY SPIRIT with a PERPETUAL PRICELESS DIALOGUE.


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