“ He that dwells in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty” Psalm 91:1

In a world that has been polluted with vicious viruses and as of late are on the increase again… We have been inundated with health information that is really... actually… yes... old practices…. Like washing our hands and proper nutrition, vitamins, supplements, exercise, and all sorts of interventions that we can implement in the natural to strengthen our immune systems….The vast majority of these instructions have been around for centuries. Oh they may be sophisticated in the delivery… but the data….. for the most part is not new. And it is for sure anything that happens in the natural is even more so in the spirit realm. We live in a spirit world. Not only do these vicious viruses attack a weakened body anywhere they can find an entrance… There is indeed also the more that goes on regarding our Soul. And just like the data that has been around for centuries regarding our bodies. There is priceless information at hand that has been provided for us to keep our Soul healthy and vicious viruses at bay. So, what are Soul Viruses anyway? We know that our soul is comprised of our mind, will, and emotions. It is the second part of our triune makeup of Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is the part of us that we think, and reason with in the natural, that we get to exercise our will, & that we get to choose what to do in our decision making. Our emotions quite frankly…. the enemy of our soul loves to toy with…. However, our Soul has been uniquely designed by The Creator and Sustainer of the entire Universe. HE designed our Souls to be aligned with HIM. We are never ever more protected and the epitome of strength as we are when we are plumb with HIS DIVINE PLUMBLINE. “Your strength lies in your intimacy with GOD.” Charles Spurgeon. We were created to have The Mind of Christ. (Philippians 2.) HIS very thoughts should be ours. We are not made to reason away in the futility of our minds… this gets us in trouble every time… We were designed to be in align with HIS WILL. Our wills are to be yielded to HIS. Do we think we know better than HE? Does the clay think it can tell THE POTTER what would be the better route, or design? And our emotions which are created for blessing when sanctified by HIM are a gift by The One That Has Designed our emotions from the beginning... yet the enemy of our souls distorts our minds, wills, & emotions every opportunity he sees a crack to get in. In this fallen world in which we live there are so many corrupt, selfish, prideful and filthy agendas. Unless we truly belong to our Designer and allow HIM to govern every aspect of our lives… well.. These vicious viruses of the soul creep in to those who are Followers of JESUS and they are targeted to destroy us and take our destiny crumbling it to a state of weakness and making it nonprofitable for The Kingdom Of God. For a Follower of Christ, how do these viruses of the soul enter? When we are not in order in which we were designed these malicious viruses have easy access. There is a Divine arrangement, and it has to be Spirit, Soul, then Body… We cannot afford to get out of order. However even in the most devout Follower of Christ there will be attacks. Jesus prewarned us, “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” So, the stronger our immune system is with HIS DIVINE DESIGN, the greater Grace we have to endure these obstacles that the enemy of our soul throws at us at opportune times. (Your adversary the devil goes about seeking whom he may devour.) Again, our strength lies within our intimacy with THE LORD. So many are captivated by the voices in our world, the advertisements, and the luring of the flesh. If we are not close knit to our Commander, The HOLY ONE, that REDEEMED US AND ENLISTED US, we will indeed drift away. The intensity is turned up, the noise is louder, the visualizations and enticements to gratify our flesh is magnified. Only those that know HIM, & are motivated by LOVE, (HIS AGAPE LOVE) will be strong and do exploits. (Daniel 11:32b) Are you yoked up with HIM and converse with HIM on going? Do you treasure HIS written Word, study it and implement it in prayer? Are you winning souls for HIS GLORY? Are you allowing HIM to purify you daily and fill you with fresh oil that only HE can give you in the secret place? Do you live a repentant lifestyle, Hallowing HIS NAME above all else? Do you long to see HIS Face and be with HIM all of eternity? Do you weep over the lost souls and the depravity that has escalated in our world? Do you really love and care about the precious relationships that HE has given You, and are you being strengthened by Him to steward these well? Do you know HIM ? Are you living with an eternal mindset? “The wise Follower of Jesus hunkers down in the shadow of The Almighty, presses into the storm behind the Divine Shield accompanied by angel hosts, and advances to celebrate the Victory In Jesus.” (Quote from 365 Days of Living and Dying with Jesus by Dick Brogden.) So strong is your Immune System of your Soul? The opening Scripture states he that dwell in the secret place. This means homesteading, remaining, inhabiting, & constantly aware of God’s Presence in your life. It is not an occasional visitation. To the degree that you are intimate with HIM is the degree of your strength.


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