“They that sow in tears shall reap in Joy.” Psalm 126:5

We dare say there are not many who come close to the urgent desperate pleading to The sovereign Almighty God Of The Universe on behalf of the Prodigals like Mothers do. A Mother will go to a greater depth of reaching out for the salvation and deliverance of her wayward family than most anyone else. There is a spiritual depth in a Mother when she has been born again. Abiding In Jesus is integral to pleading for The Prodigals. Spending Extravagant and intimate time with HIM on a daily basis is the hidden foundation that supports the unction of HIS revealed heart for The Lost. This One knows by The Spirit of God the urgency of the matter and that there is a certain window of time that we all shall be Face to Face with The Lord and give an account of our lives. This Mother will be persistent in her intercession day and night for the Precious Prodigals. A Mother will not let go. She will not give in. A Mother’s emotions and expressions as she prays are from the very core of her being. There are so many Mothers in continuation with Heavenly Dialogue pleading on behalf of their children to surrender to The Lordship of Jesus. The Pleading for The Prodigals is a merciful heart of The Father that HE places inside these Mother’s. They cannot manufacture travail and tears for their wayward Sons and Daughters. Every good and perfect gift comes down from The Father in Heaven (James 1:17). Dialogue with The King of The Universe is a miracle that JESUS paid for, and to have the heartbeat from Heaven living inside of us is indeed one of the greatest of miracles. These Born-again Mother’s go deep for the righteous cause. Pleading for The Prodigals is not for salvation alone, but that this Great KING JESUS would get HIS FULL INHERITANCE from the surrendered lives of the Prodigals. This too is something that cannot be naturally manufactured. Mother’s are incapable of releasing their Children and Grandchildren at The feet of JESUS for HIM to do as HE wills, and whatsoever it may take to get their precious offspring in plumb with HIS Divine Plumbline. Oh Yes, this is a deep and wide that only comes about from a nurtured relationship with The Lord Jesus through Holy Spirit. These Mother’s are earnest in their prayers and declarations and will by Faith speak forth and decree that their Sons & daughters will know God, Love God, enjoy HIS Presence and do exploits with HIM, because JESUS is Worthy. We believe we, as The Body of Christ are to align our prayers with Mother’s everywhere who are believing for their Son or daughter to surrender to The Lord. We remember reading about William Booth who founded The Salvation Army. Some of the ones who were serving in The Salvation Army were in a very challenging area of Ministry and seeing no evidence at all of the seeds they were sowing. They worked diligently and went to bed each night exhausted. Finally after 2 years of this, they wrote William Booth asking him to kindly move them to another area. They were tired and disheartened. They told him, We have tried everything that we have been taught to do. Booth wrote them back with TWO WORDS: “TRY TEARS.” I, Rocky, can remember when I was caught up in my own demise and I would have died lest God had not intervened. I would have been in hell for sure without the prayers of my Mother. It was my Mother that had the resolve, the fortitude, the back bone to do whatever was necessary to get me arrested and placed in a safe place until Canaan Land Ministries could receive me for that year long Discipleship Deliverance that I so desperately needed. Oh the length and depth of a Mother that want stop and will PLEAD FOR THE PRODIGALS!! We shall never forget the testimony of yet another who was on his way to hell. Steve Hill also was a former heroin addict and it was his Praying Pleading Mother that captured the heart of God on behalf of her Son. This Man not only got saved, healed, and delivered but was used mightily in Evangelism all over the world and particularly The Revival at Brownsville in Pensacola Florida. There are so many testimonies of many Prodigals that can say for sure, IT WAS MY MOTHER”S PRAYERS !!! This month it is recognized as Mother’s day. We believe we are to honor our Mother’s everyday. It is indeed God’s Commandment. We especially esteem those God-Fearing Mother’s that are travailing in tears for their Sons and their Daughters. Please know Mother’s…. who are reading this letter, We are believing with you! We are in agreement with you, and we too are petitioning The Sovereign God of The Universe for The Prodigals to be awakened and surrender. We know the time is more urgent than ever before. We Plead The Blood of JESUS and Decree HIS Holy Name over our Children and our Grandchildren. We ask that HE visit them and give them undeniable encounters with HIM, and set their heart strings in tune with the melody of HEAVEN, & HIS HEARTBEAT. It is our prayer, and agreement that is in alignment in the throne room of Heaven for The Prodigals. We are thankful it is not HIS Will that any should perish. We are thankful that HE has our Children's days marked and we say yes and amen to HIS Destiny that HE ordained for them to come to fruition for HIS GLORY. “Let us not grow weary in well doing, we will reap a harvest if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9. THE PRODIGALS ARE COMING HOME, THE PRODIGALS ARE SURRENDERING TO THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS! Let us continue to align with The Heartbeat of Heaven!


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