Buckle Up!

“Put on Truth as a Belt to Strengthen you to Stand in Triumph.” Ephesians 6:14

Years ago there was a song that came out from the National Public Safety Service and it had that catchy little tune that was advertised on Televisions across the USA…. Many will remember… “Buckle up for Safety.. Buckle Up, Buckle Up for Safety, Everybody Buckle UP…. Show the World you care, by the belt you wear.. Buckle up for safety… Everybody Buckle up.” If you remember that song… Then... We are sure you sang it in your head just now! Oh that captivating refrain… This Particular Public safety announcement came out in the 60”s , and many….Oh Yes… remember it well.

However simplistic and repetitive the announcement may sound, It is imperative that we listen well, adhere to, and implement those SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENTS that are vital to our well being.

As we thought about this, We recalled another very important Safety Announcement that was ushered out 2 thousand years ago by The Apostle Paul as he penned an epistle to the Church in Ephesus. Paul was talking about a Safety Belt as well. The Belt of Truth In Ephesians Chapter 6 describes the armor that we are to put on if we are indeed The Redeemed of The Lord. This armor has several vital pieces, but the Belt is the very first piece strategically. It is vital to have this piece on or the other pieces will not be able to be utilized as The Lord God has intended. THE BELT holds the other pieces. IT ALL BEGINS WITH JESUS.

In a world of Chaos we so need TRUTH. Many People in our Culture are defining by their own standards what they believe truth is…. Many do not believe in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and believe truth is only relative. The secular world is increasingly teaching that all truth is relative, a simple matter of each person’s perspective. The existence of Absolute Truth is a necessary foundation of Christianity. If we are not girded with HIM, We can drift away from TRUE NORTH. The enemy will cause us to be defeated, embrace lies, and we will not experience our Lord & Savior and what HE is saying to us in this hour in which we live. If not careful to be girded in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, We will not know by discernment how to proceed forward in fulfilling our destiny and winning souls for HIS KINGDOM. We are in a massive war, and the enemy of our souls has always been using his most favorite play card of deception. If we as The Lord Jesus’ Followers are not walking circumspectly, (Ephesians 5:15-20) and having put on THE ARMOR (Ephesians 6:10) in which HE has provided for us, we as well will fall for the cunning craftiness of deception that the enemy of our soul would subtly place before us.

So how do We put on the belt of Truth ? Truth is only embraced when we embrace The Person Of Jesus Christ. Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. ( John 14:6 ) Truth is worn when we develop and nurture our relationship with JESUS by HOLY SPIRIT everyday. It is not a one time event. Truth is known when a Follower of Christ meditates on The Word of God. It is imperative that We do not neglect God’s Word. The more We study God’s Word and pray for revelation of God’s Word, We are solidified with Truth. Our Spirit Man becomes fortified when We are girded with HIS WORD which is Truth. The more We know God’s Word, the more We can recognize deception. We will know Truth from a lie. And then when We are committed to do The Lord’s Will, “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done” according to Matthew 6:10, our discernment is sharpened knowing good from evil. When we are girded with Truth, we submit ongoing to the guidance, teachings, and promptings of Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that in these last days there will be many deceived. We must be alert and more thirsty for God than ever before. The writer of Psalm 42:1 states, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for YOU, O GOD.” Have you been thirsting for God like that? Is HE your passion? If so, Your soul thirst is a sign of growth, and surely desiring TRUTH and being alert. If we indeed as followers of Christ are girded with TRUTH, we will be more sensitive to and aware of God than ever before. When we wear Him ( JESUS IS TRUTH) We are aware of HIS presence. Truth causes us to be governed more and more by God’s Word, concerned with The Church and The Kingdom of God, and also the disciplines of The Christian life, desiring to be conformed everyday more to HIS IMAGE. HIS Followers, who truly have put on Christ, make no provision for the flesh. When We have put on TRUTH, We understand more fully that people are not our enemies, and we are aware that the war we are in, is cetainly inflicted by principalities and demonic powers of this world. Wearing TRUTH as HIS Disciples, we are thinking more and more of JESUS and HIS coming again, and earnestly desiring HIS coming. We are governed by our passion for HIM and we are girded with The Belt of Truth. Yes absolutely, We are in a war, the longest war known to mankind. The devil is subtle, slanderous, fierce, and deceitful. However ...The battle that rages can actually catapult us to be alert. We have heard it said that Christians grow drowsy in the sunshine, but never fall asleep in the fire, or in the water. So that being said... there should be no drowsy in HIS BODY. We are IN WAR, and we have all the weaponry we need to go through successfully and take some spoils of war in addition. THEREFORE PUT ON CHRIST JESUS AND MAKE NO PROVISION FOR THE FLESH. (Romans 13:14) BUCKLE UP FOR SAFETY! PUT ON THE BELT OF TRUTH!

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