Take Heed For a Healthy Heart

Information on taking care of the physical heart is replete in our Society today. We have all sorts of data at our fingertips regarding what we need to do to keep this vital organ operating in an optimal way. Seems like every other advertisement speaks on exercise, and the tools to help us more easily implement the exercise. Let us not forget the technology to daily record and keep track of our physical exercise, the foods to avoid, and then the most nourishing superfoods we should incorporate. Needless to say….. Education is vast regarding how to keep our hearts healthy, and also the symptoms to watch for, so as to inform our Health care Providers early on, if certain objective signs manifest. ...And yet, even with all of these resources, data, and advancements in technology and health care….. Heart Disease is still ranked the number one cause of death in the United States. The question is, if we have all these resources to help motivate us and preventive care instructions on how to take care of our heart, why then is heart Disease still number one on the list of causes of death? Could it be that many do not heed the information as life and death, and are reckless with their lives until it is seriously late? It can certainly be said the same as far as our Spiritual heart goes…Even though one is a physical organ in the natural and the other is our spiritual condition, they do have similarities….our society is inundated with resources.. There are numerous Churches with God Fearing Ministers of The Gospel that surely do preach The Uncompromised Word of God. The internet has propelled Globally The Gospel Message. We have rich Commentaries, and masses of Bibles in so many various versions. Holy Spirit gives all sorts of warnings, and symptoms of spiritual heart maladies by way of conviction and instructions. But yet THE HEART, (Spiritually Speaking) is the number one reason of spiritual death, deception, and defeat of destinies. People have a tendency to be careless with their lives. Many ignore the warnings, living to please their flesh, fitting in with the culture, not seeing with an eternal mindset, despising being accountable, and therefore do not heed the urgent and imperative. The thinking pattern is…. there is yet plenty of time, until… is dangerously late… Heed is an old word, meaning to listen to and to follow, to pay careful attention to something, especially advice or a warning. The Greek /Hebrew Definitions are to apply oneself to, to adhere to, beware, be given to. It has an intense and serious implication.The Bible is replete in mention of THE HEART, ( Spiritual Condition.) The Bible warns us to avoid a Double heart (Psalm 12:2), A Hard Heart (Proverbs 28:14) ,A Proud Heart (Proverbs 21:4), An Unbelieving Heart (Hebrews 3:12), A cold Heart (Matthew 24:12) , and an unclean Heart (Psalm 51:10). The Bible speaks of a content heart (1 Timothy 6:6), A Courageous Heart (Proverbs 28:1), A Humble Heart( Luke 14:11), A Tranquil Heart (Proverbs 14:30) A Generous Heart (Matthew 6:19-21), A Sincere Heart (Colossians 3:23) A Pure Heart (Matthew 5:8). So we are being urged, implored, and seriously warned as followers of Christ to Above all else, to guard our hearts for out of it is the well spring of life (Proverbs 4:23). Our hearts will determine our destines. Since we are indeed informed vastly and we do have HIS Divine Nature within us (if we have been born again) we are without excuse when it comes to a Healthy Heart Spiritually. To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48). We are to steward circumspectly our hearts that belong to HIM. Peter tells us in 2nd Peter, Chapter 1, that we have everything we need upon our new birth IN CHRIST, HIS Divine Nature living within us to walk out this life becoming mature and developed for HIS Glory. Peter goes on to tell us to add Moral Excellence, Knowledge, Self-Control, Steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection, and Love in order to supplement our Faith and to keep our Heart Healthy and void of deception. In fact if we do not add these “SUPER FOODS” to our heart healthy diet of FAITH we forget we were cleansed from our old life, and our Spiritual Hearts become frail, unfruitful, and basically unhealthy. Repentance is the starting place when our hearts have been negligent, careless, and we have been slothful in stewarding a healthy heart as a follower of Christ. God’s Word tells us that we are to repent and times of refreshing will come. (Acts 3:19-21), We are to be diligent to be In God’s Word and to pray. There is no healthy heart without spending time in HIS Presence. We gain our Spiritual Health by staying close to HIM. Abiding In HIM and HIS Words abiding in us. God’s Word warns us to be careful not to neglect such a great salvation, and to take heed, pay careful attention to what we have heard from His Word lest we drift away. (Hebrews 2:1-17). A Healthy Heart will desire to fellowship with others of like precious Faith. A Healthy Heart loves the Sinner but hates the sin. A Healthy Heart has ever increasing Faith and lives in the midst of the miraculous. A Healthy heart grieves over sin, and repents quickly. One with a Healthy heart has an intense desire to fulfill their destiny for HIS Glory and that HE get HIS full inheritance from their life. A Healthy Heart has a longing to see Jesus Face to Face. One with a Healthy heart is unoffendable, quick to look past offense and forgive. A healthy heart worships during times of testing's and trials. A Healthy heart is a Heart full of Gratitude. One with a Healthy Heart knows who they are In Christ. A Heart that is Healthy is one with sincere humility, is open and teachable and takes on the position of Bond Servant. A Healthy Heart lives for Jesus, to Know Him, Love Him, and enjoy HIS Presence. One with a Healthy Heart recognizes God’s Grace and A Heart that is Healthy desires to be conformed to The Image of Christ. Is your Heart Healthy? Ask The Great Physician to assess your Heart. Thank HIM for HIS Grace to maintain a HEALTHY VIBRANT HEART.

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