“May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” 2 Peter 1:2

Spring and Summer are the Seasons of blooming and growing. The grass, trees, and shrubs take on a vibrant green color, the flowers come forth in their beautiful attire and the Gardens are enriched with fresh vegetables and fruits. Most people love this time of year as they can get out and enjoy the Sunshine and the beauty of the outdoors that these Seasons bring. Unlike certain seasons in the natural that bring forth growth in specific times of the year, our Spirit man has the potential to bring forth blooms and growth every Season of our lives whether we are in the dead of winter or the new buds of Spring, and all in between. God’s Word tells us we are to grow in Grace and in our knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ. “2 Peter1:2” Grace is like Spiritual Fertilizer for us regarding our growth. God’s Goodness, kindness, and empowerment with unmerited favor giving to us with the supernatural ability to bring forth fruit all year long. Grace empowers us with All Seasonal Growing. We cannot produce this in and of ourselves. It takes Holy Spirit, HIS MIRACLE GROW cultivating within us. God’s Holy Word tells us about producing 30, 60, and even 100 fold. It is indeed Amazing Grace that nourishes us in our spirit to bring forth the growth that indeed produces this ALL SEASONAL BLOOMING. We do have to yield and cooperate in receiving this God Given and unmerited Grace of God. We access this beautiful gift that is freely given to us by our Faith. There are conditions regarding us producing 100 fold. Some within The Body of Christ grab hold of Grace with its Miracle Growth because they have put into action their Faith. While it is always good to produce the 30 and the 60…. Why would we want to stop there when His WORD states even 100 fold? Do you want a small crop or a large crop regarding your spiritual growth that will manifest into harvest for HIS Glory? The more one desires to learn about Jesus and to live more fully for HIM, being conformed into HIS image, they will be the 100 Folders, and even up to 1000 and beyond. There is no limit to what God can do with a passionate burning heart for HIM. There will be different Seasons in our lives. Some will be challenging, hard, some sweet, and some so seemingly easy. But if our lives belong to The Lord and we have indeed been redeemed, there is Blooming in ALL THE SEASONS we encounter. Sometimes those difficult and Hard Seasons of our lives have the potential to bring forth even greater Fruit if we cooperate with HIM. HE IS THE TILLER OF THE SOIL OF OUR HEART. We have the option to continue to Grow or stifle the growth process. HE is no respecter of persons. Yet some hinder the growth in difficult and challenging seasons because they allow negativity, murmuring, complaining, and a poor pitiful me mindset to stifle the Grace that we so desperately need for our nourishment to bring forth HIS likeness in and through our lives. When we choose to create an atmosphere of worship regardless of what is going on around us, this is Faith, and it is like a magnet that draws The beauty of HIS GRACE. When The Word of God instructs us to Grow in Grace and Knowledge of The Lord Jesus, there is a response we have to take to this free gift of unmerited favor. This is an invitation from HIM. HE has already made ready THIS MAGNIFICENT GIFT, but we have to access it. FAITH IS OUR ACCESS POINT. In order for our access point of Faith to be strong we must be grounded with the proper foundation. I Corinthians 3:11 tells us that Jesus is The Foundation. Multitudes follow HIM, but some because of what HE does for them alone. HE must be our Foundation, Take all away, But give me Jesus. If the relationship you have with Jesus Christ is not the most important relationship you have in your life, your foundation is not stable. Everything regarding your spiritual growth is dependent upon your relationship, your foundation in Jesus Christ. We also are created to grow collectively. We need one another. We need relationships. We need accountability. The Local Church is vital for our Growth. Psalm 92:13-14 states that those that are planted shall flourish, they shall blossom. We all need to be planted, putting roots down. We need relationships within The Body of Christ. We also in order to grow, have to have resistance. James 1:2-4 in the NLT states there is an opportunity for great joy... for you know when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. We must look at those obstacles as an opportunity to grow. Think about The Church in the book of Acts, The Church was persecuted and She grew. And another thing about opposition, it will reveal in a hurry, what we are trusting in. If we are trusting in God, we will find out that HE is more than enough. HE is All that we need. If you will hold steady during the rough times... during the times when you are feeling the most opposition, and if you do the things you know to do... stay in The Word of God, stay on your knees, keep attending Church with other believers, You will do more growing during those seasons than any other time in your life spiritually. Anyone can shout hallelujah when the sun is shining and the wind is at your back, but it is when you are facing into a strong wind and it seems like all Hell has been turned lose against you.. If you will stay steady, then, things will be worked in you. It will prove priceless for your future and the future of others that will be impacted by your life. Sometimes, God plucks us out of the trouble, but the majority of the time, HE takes us through the trouble. HE will never leave us, HE will never forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) The Word of God is vital for our Spiritual growth. It is the necessary nutrition in our Spiritual diet. We require the nutrients that come from The Word of God. 1Peter 2:2 tells us to desire the pure milk of The Word that you may grow. Do you feed on The Word of God? Do you meditate on The Word of God? We must LOVE HIS WORD. The Word of God is our light into the darkness. The Word of God is our Spiritual Food. This is our strength during difficult times. It is God breathed. It is filled with light and Life. Read your Bible. Start feeding on it. Start thinking about it. Ponder the stories of Jesus. Ponder the scriptures. It will change your life. There is no growth with out it. You cannot grow if you do not feed on The Word of God. The Bible is clear that we are to grow in Grace. HIS supernatural ability that HE gives to us to be conformed to HIS image and produce HIS character and nature within us is for every season, not just some seasons, but every season. Our Faith is strengthened to take hold of HIS Grace when we prioritize HIM as number one in our lives. We must value others of like precious faith, and stay rooted and grounded in Church, We do not shrink back during obstacles in life, but remain steady knowing it will produce growth. It is vital that we stay devoted to HIS WORD. Have you accepted HIS invitation of growing in Grace and in your knowledge of Jesus Christ in every season? It really is Amazing Grace.

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