Do You Recognize a Miracle?

“How could I ever forget the miracles of kindness You’ve done for me?” Psalm 103:2 The Passion Translation

What do you think about when you hear the word Miracle? The dead raised, a leg or arm that has grown back, the blind see, an incurable disease eradicated, resources multiplied when there is lack and no other explanation, walking away from a head on vehicle collision without a scratch on your body,...These are just a few illustrations that we may think of in terms of a miracle. Yet one of the greatest miracles that is often not acknowledged as being indeed a miracle is the ability to discern the promptings of Holy Spirit, when HE is speaking to us in our dialoguing with HIM, or HE initiating a conversation with us at any given point. These type miracles happen everyday, and the more we are intentional to recognize HIM, and honor those visitations, then our Spiritual senses become the more fine tuned and we develop further on going conversations with HIM expecting HIM to commune with us in everyday life. The ins and outs of every aspect of our life become so important that we truly HEAR what HE has to say even in the midst of the most minute things that seemingly have no eternal bearings… Like… “LORD, what frame of eye glasses are better for me? “ Yes indeed… just heard a friend testify having posed that question to The Lord. AND HE ANSWERED! Wow… Some may think what’s the big deal…. Our question is.. Do you believe the fulfilling of your destiny is a big deal? If so, then the conversations with HIM on big issues and small have significant weight. HE ADORES US!!! No Conversation is insignificant!! HE loves us to include HIM, inquiring of HIM regarding ALL details of our lives. One that can converse with HIM on any matter and have the expectancy of HIM responding back reveals intimacy. To develop and nurture intimacy with THIS ONE… THE ONE THAT HOLDS THE WIND IN HIS FIST is indeed one of the grandest of miracles. We love to review the numerous illustrations of David and his intimacy with The Lord. The Bible tells us twice that David was a man after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22) His conversations with The Lord inspires us and also challenges us. We reflect on one of David's victories after a battle and then back to back the same enemy, (The Philistines) wanted to war again.. Instead of David doing the same winning pattern of instruction before, he inquires of The Lord again… David did not assume, or take matters into his own hands and head reason. David Inquired of The Lord again, and its interesting that The Lord used Mulberry Trees this second time… 2 Samuel 5:23. MULBERRY TREES!!! ONLY GOD!!! Talk about unusual., and listening and obeying intentionally and precisely! The most important aspect of that entire situation is the relationship that David had with The Lord. David trusted HIM and David did not lean unto his own understanding nor the warrior skills that he and his men had. David did not reason away the Mulberry Answer, he did as he was instructed and obtained another great victory. David’s relationship with God through the in and out of all kinds of conversations with The Lord was nurtured more than anything, and this is THE MIRACLE. The Psalms are primarily conspired of raw human emotion of expressions to God. It is said that every human emotion known to mankind is found in the Psalms. David penned the majority of the Psalms. It is Beautiful how The Lord has allowed us the privilege of seeing HIS HEART toward humanity as their souls are expressing their vulnerabilities, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Lord God is such a Lover that HE takes time to hear our many concerns. HE is the best listener you will ever have, yet HE has valuable conversing back to us as well. THIS IS INDEED A MIRACLE!!! The next time you think on miracles, think about conversations with HIM!!! The very conversations we have with HIM, cost HIM HIS SON’S LIFE! Oh that we would think upon the extreme value of the privilege of saying, “Lord, Help me, I need YOU, I cannot make it without YOU!” The sweetness of saying, “What should I do Lord?” The weightiness of HIM saying to us, “DO NOT DO THAT, IT WILL MEAN SEPARATION AND DEATH for you, it is a trap from the enemy.” “AWWW Thank YOU LORD for giving me the answer, and for showing me the snares of the devil” Conversations of “If YOU do not show up I am sunk LORD.” “Father, forgive me for being so prideful and selfish, help me LORD to be conformed to YOUR image.” “Father give me the strategies of prayer for my unsaved Family.” “ Lord how can I participate with YOU today in bringing hope to someone and be YOUR heart expression to them.” The dialoging with HIM is one of the greatest miracles of all. So many only talk to HIM while in dire needs, but the everyday conversing… Oh MY... These are what takes us deeper into relationship. The what type of eye glass frame Lord? The, “I love YOU LORD, YOU have been so kind to me, how can I not remember the miracles of kindness YOU have done for me.” Every whisper, every quiet prayer, every loud prayer, tears with no words attached at all but full of emotion to HIM. This is a miracle. HE created the entire universe but listens and replies to those who will converse with HIM. We believe we take it for granted so much of the time. Our challenge to us and you… Notice your conversations with HIM. What kind of conversing and how often? Remember... it is those priceless conversations, no matter what raw emotion is being exhibited that develops intimacy with THIS ONE. What is the last conversation you had with HIM? What was HIS response? Do you recognize when HE is speaking to you and not reason it away? Are you in a place in your relationship with HIM that everything is an opportunity to have a conversation with HIM? When we practice Hosting HIS Presence and we quiet ourselves intentionally to listen to HIM, then we become more sensitive to HIS voice even in times when we must be doing the activities of everyday life. The key to this journey is found in our Intimacy with HIM. Many that thought they knew HIM, and were busy doing things that looked really grand for the Kingdom of God…. HE said, “Depart from ME, I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23) HE is more interested in our relationship with HIM than anything. HE ADORES US!!! HE DIED FOR US!!! HE LOVES THE CONVERSATIONS WITH US. NO SUBJECT MATTER IS TOO SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT. “ With my whole heart, with my whole life, and with my innermost being, I bow in wonder and love before YOU, The HOLY GOD! Yahweh, you are my Soul’s celebration. Psalm 103:1-2 The Passion Translation


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