Resurrection Power

“And I continually long to know the wonders of Jesus & to experience the overflowing power of His resurrection working in me. I will be one with Him in His sufferings and become like Him in His death.” Philippians 3:10 The Passion Translation

We have said this the last few Newsletters, & this one will not be an exception… TIME IS GOING FAST!!! We now find ourselves with the first quarter of this year gone & we are in second quarter. The First Quarter of 2021 has ended with so much stretching & continued transition for many. We do not know what this second quarter has in store, but we do know this…. We are Thankful for JESUS, and no matter what comes may, HE IS LORD. As we think on this month, the month that will usher in our celebration of Easter, We are reminded of the Manifestation of Love toward us from JESUS. HE is Love, and HE is Grace & Truth. Where would we be without HIS sacrificial death, burial, and then on the 3rd day His RESURRECTION? It is a Message that many have heard about, but yet, still numerous ones around the Globe have not heard, & this is mind boggling since it has been over 2000 years ago this message has been proclaimed. Yet within the ones that have been privileged to know about JESUS, there is a category that have not surrendered to HIM as Savior and as Lord, & some have even left the fold disappointed with life & religion, & others desire to pacify their carnal appetites & unwisely think they can have JESUS on their terms… But still yet another category, A Remnant, that remain & follow HIM wholeheartedly & have passion for HIM. They are the ones that adhere to HIS teachings & truly are thankful for JESUS delivering them from a void in their heart that only HE can fill. They have their heart set on HIS coming again real soon as Bridegroom KING. They desire HIS Kingdom to be advanced & to fulfill their destines for HIS GLORY. Which category do you identify with? Surely as we all have witnessed time waits for no one, & the time of HIS coming again maybe sooner than we think. HE is Matchless, All together lovely, The kindest one we know, The most giving one we know, full of mercy, & the only one that could satisfy our penalty of death & hell. HE is the only way back to THE FATHER. We believe time is short & HE has given all HIS REDEEMED a mandate to be His witness & We are to be HIS hands, feet, mouth piece, & Heart beat for the hurting, wounded, hopeless, & so many that are deceived & walking about empty, unfulfilled, & chasing the wind. Those that are redeemed by HIS PURE SACRIFICAL LOVE HAVE THE SAME POWER WITHIN THEM THAT JESUS HIMSELF HAD WHEN HE WAS RAISED FROM THE DEAD. What are you doing with that? JESUS instructs HIS Disciples freely you have received, so freely give. HE says, “As you go, Preaching THE GOSPEL, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, raise the dead.” You may be thinking… wait a minute, I belong to JESUS, but I am no Preacher, I have not been called to preach, teach, or do miracles...JESUS did not exclude any of us that have been born again. We all have a mandate to share THIS GOOD NEWS. HE can use anyone that is yielded, belongs to HIM, walks in humility & love, and desires to advance HIS KINGDOM. Do not reason away miracles happening in your midst, and you being the very one that HE desires to use at any particular time, and for reasons way beyond desperate situations, to be a carrier to usher in HIS GLORY. HE STILL RAISES THE DEAD, CAST OUT DEMONS, HEALS, & HE has chosen to use us, HIS REDEEMED. We are to steward this Resurrection Power that we are carrying. How is your stewardship of this RESURRECTION POWER going? Have you layed hands on anyone lately and believed by the Prayer of Faith for their healing? Have you cast out any demons from tormented individuals because you know personally & intimately this power source within you? Have you told anyone lately about JESUS? Time is running out. Do not reason away that you have plenty of time left, and do not talk yourself out of walking in the manifestation of HIS RESURRECTION POWER flowing from you. If you are redeemed by THE SPOT LESS LAMB OF GOD, JESUS, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, you have dunamis power. We are called to steward this power within us. Has The Lord gained any interest off of the power within you? If we are serious about our Love walk with Jesus, then we will be serious about walking out our lives circumspectly & truly being HIS Mouth piece, HIS Hands, Feet, and Heartbeat to others. HE gave HIS life for us. What have we given to HIM? What have we gained for HIM? Remembering an Old hymn…. (Yes, they come across in remembrance often) “ I am satisfied with JESUS, HE has done so much for me, HE has died to set me free. I am satisfied, I am satisfied, I am satisfied with JESUS, but the question comes to me, as I think of Calvary, Is my Master satisfied with me?” Our challenge this Newsletter as we review what JESUS has done for us to give us life & to the full, is that we may be even the more intentional of stewarding HIS GLORY within us & giving it out to others. Time is ticking…. Eternity is FOREVER… Does your neighbors know how much Jesus loves them? What about the strangers you see as you wait in those lines taking care of business? How about your own family members? Have you made an effort on your part to let them know? Have you earnestly been involved with HIS Power gifts that you have been so privileged with. Anyone that is redeemed can pray for others, & tell their own personal testimony about their life with The Lord. Those that are redeemed can assist those who have fallen on heard times with encouragement, a helping hand, & however HOLY SPIRIT directs. Body of Christ let’s make our lives count & give HIM interest. HE IS WORTHY. ARISE BODY OF CHRIST.


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