2020 A Very Good Year!!

“I am certain that I will see the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living,” Psalms 27:13.


 Yes, You read it correctly. 2020 A VERY GOOD YEAR!!!


No, We are not deranged but yet we are even greater the challenged regarding this year as a pivotal year with much hanging in the balance. So a few days ago this happened…as we were preparing to send out encouragement to some friends and had penned a heartfelt note and was about to date it…. this vivid thought provoking challenge emerged..2020 A VERY GOOD YEAR!!! AND SUDDENLY It was like… ok… PUT ON THE BRAKES!!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? WHO WOULD CALL 2020 A VERY GOOD YEAR?? In a multiplicity of ways it has been like several horror shows that have emerged in one on a Global scale, with death, disease, loss of business, commerce, laws enforced regarding closures and or minimal numbers allowed permission to enter, and escalating disunity and hatred… HOWEVER, We were so impressed not to retrack the statement but even more so to enforce it… 2020 A VERY GOOD YEAR!!! BUT GOD!!!! And HE was speaking very clearly with this Rhema Word… “IT IS NOT OVER YET! ARE THERE NOT FIVE MORE MONTHS?? LOTS CAN HAPPEN IN 5 MONTHS!!! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? AND WHAT WILL BE THE ORDER OF YOUR WORDS TO TESTIFY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? WILL YOU CURSE YOUR HARVEST”  (You can nullify your Harvest through the power of death spoken with your words)…. We have heard so many people say, “This is the worst year of my life, It can not get any worse, I will be glad when 2020 is gone!” Many have put their much disgust, and frustration on Social Media with their memes and emoji’s expressing in a 3D visual format the total agony over the year 2020. We have had to rethink, revise, and repent of some words that we have allowed to influence the atmosphere...God’s Word says, “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23. We can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic. We can choose to Praise The Lord regardless of our circumstances or we can complain.. Look at these words of David. “ I will bless The Lord at all times, HIS Praise shall continually be in my mouth.” This was not penned during a mountain top high in David’s life...The introduction to this Psalm indicates that at this point in David’s life he was a fugitive from King Saul who was seeking to kill David. David had escaped to the court of a Gentile King (Achish) who by the way did not give David a warm welcome to say the least.. To save his life, David ‘feigned madness in their hands, scratched on the doors of the gate, and let his salvia fall down on his beard” (1 Samuel 21:13.) If David could continue blessing God in that situation, We reason there is no situation in which we should not be doing the same. So how are the power of our words changing to line up with a GRAND 2020? We must order our words with productivity in Good!! We must choose to say out loud and make the decree, 2020 a very good year with a Spiritual Awakening in our Nation, as well as The Nations. Mass Soul Harvest on a Global Scale.  We decree that our wayward family members are surrendering to THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS for HIS GLORY!! We should aim to decree that Leaders from our houses to the Church Houses to the White House are broken and repentant In Jesus Name. We believe for small businesses to recover and creativity and witty inventions to happen. We can say That Unity and love is abounding in our Nation as we, The Church are in unity and abounding in Love with one another according to Psalm 133. We stand with our words to a Holy Righteous Father In Heaven and believe for Mercy to eradicate this Covid 19 and recovery for those that have been afflicted. We decree an end to the Civil Unrest in our Nation. We decree Multiplied Grace and Peace for those whom have lost family and friends to the evil foes of disease and hatred. We are Praying The Word of God and decreeing it aloud. “Remember The Word to Your Servant Upon Which You Have caused me to hope.” Psalm 119:49. We are speaking Life that compels our thoughts to get in alignment with LIFE, because we do not have an answer unless we have a redemptive answer. “THE LORD takes pleasure in those who hope in HIS MERCY.” Psalm 147:11. There are 5 months left.  The number 5 represents GRACE. GRACE equates to empowerment through HIM. So What are you looking for in 2020 and what are you saying about this year? We place a challenge to all of us….. If we are provoked in these final Hours, let us be provoked to be Christ Imitators and not lose HOPE. Death and Destruction could not stay in HIS midst. The People said the young maiden was dead, but JESUS said, “She is not dead, but she is sleeping. HE was scoffed at, yet HE took her by the hand, told the Young maiden to arise and she did,” Luke 8:54.  It can surely be one way.. BUT GOD HAS  THE LAST SAY and we have the authority as Covenant People Redeemed by HIS BLOOD to cooperate for THE GOOD!!! “Jesus went about doing good and healing all those that were oppressed of the devil because GOD was with HIM,” Acts 10:38. THINK GOOD, SPEAK LIFE, GIVE HOPE. Let’s Lift our vision higher than the vicious tangible circumstances all around us and change our words to be powerful containers of life and hope and Victory with a strong decree… WE PRONOUNCE 2020 A VERY GOOD YEAR!!!


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