“that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death, Philippians 3:10


It has been stated previously, we should be tenacious to seize this opportunity that is at hand as it is indeed a kairos moment in time. Kairos is a Greek term that means a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action, an opportune and decisive moment. As this Global interruption continues, It may look as if things are moving along to get back to a previous state in the natural… but… there are dynamics going on in the Spiritual Realm and the Divine Workings by The Hand of God Almighty cannot be adjusted and skimmed over by mortal mankind. This is nothing that humanity can reason and fix. The Lord has told us through HIS Word, that in these end days that everything that can be shaken will be shaken. At a time like this, we are prone to be people who want to provide comfort, and that is true that we must... but there is no peace when sin is in the equation. We cannot fully explain nor anyone else from a human standpoint why this is all together happening, but we must begin with The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Who is God. God is Holy, God is Just, and that is good news for mankind because if God was unjust and unholy and not omnipotent it would be terrifying. God, however, is just, faithful, compassionate, but HE is also righteous, and being righteous that presents a great problem. The goodness of God presents a great problem, because men are not…. so what does a good God do with men that are not? God cannot simply overlook sin. The Bible says that God is Love , It is what HE is. God cannot cease to be love, any more than He can cease to be just. But at the same time, He cannot cease to be just, any more than HE can cease to be Love. The Justice of God looks at the sin of mankind, and there is alienation, there is judgement leading to condemnation. The question in the whole book of Romans is about this entire theme. How can a man who is not good be righteous before God and be acceptable to God? Paul in Romans chapter 1, and onto Chapters 3 and 4 talks about our good works being the things that we fall back on. This will be the first thing that man will fall back on because of self-idolatry. We seem to have the mindset if we have more good works than bad works and we have not done some kind of hideous sin, then God is somehow going to accept us. The Apostle Paul disproves that in Romans. Mankind has sinned against God. It does not matter the quantity or quality of sin; we all have sinned, and it has caused that separation from God. There is nothing mankind can do, to set ourselves right with God, BUT GOD, HE has done the impossible. HE has done what we could not do. HE has done a work of redemption that HE planned out even before the foundation of The World, before the fall of Adam. God in HIS purity would become a man, and HE would live a perfect life that we could not live, and then HE would go to the Cross and HE would die and HE would die under the penalties for all of our transgressions against God. In doing that, HE has satisfied the demands of God’s Justice and made it possible for a Holy and righteous God to demonstrate compassion to man. This is only by way of The Person Of Jesus Christ. What Christ did on Calvary is sufficient for our salvation. Our lives add nothing to our salvation. Jesus Christ died for sinners. What must we do? We must recognize our guilt, recognize our total inability and helplessness and trust exclusively in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Many look at this virus and they have no peace, even some among The Body of Christ, because their fundamental question is lacking Biblical truth. The fundamental question is what is going on, what is God doing, and certainly we all have asked that in some fashion. But it is like that in any trial, the flesh wants an answer WHY? We cannot know the profound wisdom of God behind all of this, except it is for a far greater good. We do not need to know what God is doing fully, if we know who God is. If we know HIM intimately, we know that HE is omniscient, HE is all wise, HE is omnipotent, HE is Sovereign. We do not need to calculate things; we do not need to write out theories. We just need to trust in the Character of God. God is in control of everything at all times. HE LIVES! This is the great difference between every other religion on the face of the earth. There are really only 2 religions in the world…. (Outside of Christianity, it is a works based religion. ) If you do this and this and this and if you do not do that, you may get in when you are weighed on the scale. It is also principle driven, you save yourself by following some ethic or morality. Christianity is different, Christianity does have ethics and morality, but it is second. We are not saved by our ability to carry out some religious duty. We are saved by following a Person, by trusting in a Person who did everything for us. The resurrection demonstrates that HE, That Person is no ordinary man. HE was declared with Power, The resurrection validated that HE was the SON OF GOD. Romans Chapter 4 states that HIS Work was sufficient for our salvation. It satisfied the Justice that was against our sin. The resurrection is everything. HE represents us to God, The Father. HE is fully and completely God in the fullest sense of the term, and yet HE understands our weakness. THE RESURRECTION MEANS EVERYTHING. Everything is filtered through HIS Sovereign Will. It is wisdom to seize the many opportunities that have been so graciously set before us at this time. Get to know HIS Character more intimately through HIS Word & Prayer. The Aim for The Body of Christ Should be…. ARE WE MORE LIKE HIM? What have We gleaned for HIS GLORY during this strategic time in History? Have we abounded in love? It should be our most earnest goal to Know HIM and be conformed to HIS image. Philippians 3:10.



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