Plundering the Pandemic

“making the best use of the time, because the days are evil,” Ephesians 5:16

It has now been weeks of quarantine with partial and then sometimes full lock downs in some places all over the Globe. It is definitely an interesting time we are living in, but one that should not be shocking for those who study The Word of God. (as stated in last months letter, we have a preview of things coming in Matthew 24.)

Even though we really can not truly evaluate the results of this particular crisis at this time, with the numbers of loss of life, health, finance, business and the emotional toll, We carry this HOPE within us that something GREAT is on the horizon. (Romans 5:2) Yes, We believe even in the midst of chaos there is an opportunity to obtain great dividends of an eternal weighty value out of this war. Every day of quarantine is another day to get something out of it, & to grow stronger in perseverance, and yes, the building up the more of a Tenacious Faith for another spiritual awakening with Revival Fire.
Plundering a Pandemic sounds like a daunting and impossible task, and it is, if left to ourselves. Without The Lord in the equation, and fully yielded to HIM to have HIS Way through this, We can be very selfish individuals and creatures of comfort truly desiring to pamper our flesh. It is so like that of an Addict and their addiction…. One source of materialistic comfort and fleshly allures that is shut down….. so we gravitate toward something else to fill in, and substitute for that fleshly craving. But if we have accepted HIS invitation and we take up our cross and follow HIM, We are not living to ourselves any longer. Matthew 16:24-26, Galatians 2:20.

However, even for those walking with HIM, if not very careful, we can substitute one activity for another and miss out on this opportunity to lean closer in to HIS HEARTBEAT. HE has instructed us to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD. Psalm 46:10. There is something about being still and getting quiet and waiting that most humans find very challenging, because of the production oriented society and loud noisy environments with overboard stimuli in which we are accustomed. But yet when there is quiet, and the cessation of the always on the go go go, we can actually find a much needed rest for our souls and glean from HIM regarding preparation for the days ahead. We find that even in very hectic schedules of important things to do no less, that when we pause and meet with HIM, HE surely gives us refreshment.

So we have been inquiring the more of HIM and passionately desiring to make this quarantine count and plunder this pandemic. A Brother in Christ recently stated that Our Culture of Busy-ness has been confronted even in The CHURCH and getting alone with JESUS in the wilderness is a perfect recipe. In the wilderness, HE speaks tenderly to us. (Hosea 2;14 )
There are priceless ways of waging war during this quarantine and global pandemic, and We as The Body of Christ most certainly should have been engaged in these ways before this occurred. Charles Spurgeon is noted saying, “The Highest State of Revival should be the normal condition of The Church.” These spiritual warfare tools include….Right Reactions, Godly Disciplines, Steps of Faith, Determined Vision, Endurance, Giving, Praise, Worship, Studying God’s Word, Planted In Church, Fasting, Resisting the devil, Love for God and Love for people, Going, Preaching, Teaching, & Evangelism. Obviously some of these disciplines have been halted for this quarantine, but the vast majority have not…. We must be mindful and alert not to allow other substitutes during quarantine to rob us of plundering this pandemic, and then wasting the quarantine and having regrets later…..something very precious to HIS Heart we can engage in as we seek HIS FACE is that of prayer for the others on the planet that have not heard of this blessed hope. This truly is a way to plunder a global pandemic. Nations are closed to entrance at this time for many Missionary Organizations, but the Nations are not closed with the prayers of The Body of Christ Interceding on their behalf. Children can easily be enlisted into this strategic activity and pray as hands are placed upon Nations and the faces of these people. You can go to www.JoshuaProject. net to find the unreached people group of the day. You can also go to the app store and download this particular app on your phone. ***Psalm 67:2, Mark 16:15, Reve.5:9, Psalm 22:27. The mark of all Apostolic Preaching and Revival will Focus on a Church in love with JESUS CHRIST and HIS MISSION of Discipling THE NATIONS.

We encourage you to remain hopeful during this season and plunder all you can for The Glory of God while expecting A Mature Bride to emerge that is radiant and ready for our Kings Return. Revelation 22: 17 -20


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