No Time to Waste

“But the end of all things is at hand, therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers,” I Peter 4:7-11.


 In talking with an 81-year-old recently we both agreed that her chances of going up in the rapture were as good if not better than dying naturally. When we review the state of affairs our world is in and watch prophecy fulfilled in the signs of the times, we must all come to a conclusion that the time is short. Yes, We know what many may be thinking… Preachers for centuries have been delivering this message, but we must all admit that things are surely happening in rapid succession with signs pointing to the soon return of THE LORD. Let us make it clear, that no one knows the date nor hour of The Lords return, but The Word of God does implore us to be watchful and observant of the times and be prepared. In this particular opening Scripture Peter is emphasizing to us what specific attitudes we are to pursue.

 As we meet with The Lord in times of prayer and we watch We truly believe that HOLY SPIRIT is breathing and brooding and going to breathe upon masses for another great SOUL HARVEST, and we so believe that 2019 is a year of such. JESUS is not returning for a beat-up Bride but one who is Victorious. Many Nations are yet to be delivered THIS PRECIOUS GOSPEL, AND THEY SHALL, AS THIS IS HIS VERY HEARTBEAT. In view of all of this, we still cannot reason away THE URGENCY OF OUR TIME LEFT. Every year we are getting closer and every New Year many will begin to take a look at their lives and truly desire to get HOUSES IN ORDER. The Bible is replete with God’s warnings and revealing to us what will take place before The Lords return. So in view of God’s Mercy, Paul admonishes in Romans 12, take heed not be a companion with The World and its way of doing things but rather be renewed in your mind so that you will always know what is The Perfect Will of God for your life. We are in desperate times and we need Wisdom from Heaven, (James 3:17) regarding all of our AFFAIRS. We do not have time to waste. We must be alert and sober minded as Peter states so we will know how to properly even converse with OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. Is it any wonder that the enemy of our Soul, the devil wants us numb and intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, and the disabling of our very senses. Yet there are many time robbers and distraction destroyers designed uniquely to keep us from being alert and engaged fully in The Fathers Business. We can add to these landmines social media and its allure to keep us engaged in another time robber if not managed with prudent Stewardship. Many time thieves are in satans arsenal and he will entice us with whatever will work on each of us. The methods the enemy uses to keep us distracted are definitely being taken advantage of and engaged. We can add to this list of distractions the advancing legal use and stamp of approval of marijuana in our Nation! We will just say on that one… If you really want to know about Marijuana and its effects, please ask the experienced in that field… Ask a Former Addict that is now delivered and filled with The Holy Ghost what marijuana will actually do for you…...

 So a very good Question to consider as we enter in to 2019, What would you do if you knew you had a very short time to live? Would you change anything if you knew, lets say you had a few weeks—months to live.. Peter gives us some very clear instructions on four attitudes to pursue in end times.

 1. ALWAYS ALERT (4:7) The Word means to emphasize what is correct and to prioritize what is essential, the opposite of alert or sober is drunkenness. And Peter is saying do not let anything impair your judgment. 2. ALWAYS AFFECTIONATE. (4;8-9) To be fervent in love is to be stretched in love, to be abounding in love. Paul gives a very clear account of this in Philippians 1:9-11. If you want to know what this kind of love is all about look at John 15:12-17. The passage ends and begins with the same command to love one another. What is in-between? Biblical Love is always sacrificial, It is not selfish or with a resolve of entitlements of ones own. Love is not a feeling but an activity, one of intimacy, initiated and productive. 3. ALWAYS AVAILABLE, Chapter 4:10-11. No one is without Significance in HIS BODY. Every gift counts. Good Stewardship of The Grace of God involves not just being saved but being utilized by God, For God. Peter says to employ that gift. We are Soldiers in HIS Army and we must be Available at any time day or night as HE bids. 4. ALWAYS ADORING (4:11) It always comes back to giving God The Glory in what we do. So as we contemplate this New Year, Let us make it an aim to be sober and watchful so we can pray and have fellowship with HOLY SPIRIT and so that HE can guide us in All of our affairs. Oh Lord teach us the brevity of life that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90 :12, and that we YOUR PEOPLE may be sober to seize the opportunities at hand and be utilized fully in THE MASSIVE SOUL HARVEST of 2019.



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