SHILOH MESSENGER - December 2016

The Song of the Redeemed

“And they sang a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth,” Rev.5:9-10.

Having been stuck regarding the theme of this December Newsletter, and not readily sensing an overwhelmingly (YES THIS IS IT!!!) on anything my mind had been pondering upon…. yet finally after having received a text message early this morning form a Shiloh Graduate whom was pretty ecstatic about MERRY CHRISTMAS this year, and songs being played in stores that actually had MERRY CHRISTMAS in them, well …… I started thinking about CHRISTMAS Songs, & CHRISTMAS Carols and I even sat here and I sang aloud, Silent Night, and thought about Away in a Manger and so many beloved CHRISTMAS EXPRESSIONS in song. Then I suddenly stopped and I said to THE LORD, What LORD, DO YOU LIKE TO HEAR?   Immediately in that still quiet voice within my spirit, I heard this very distinctly, “THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED.” And now being very still as HE had my attention, I responded with…. Tell me more LORD, Please Tell me more, I am interested on what YOU have to say because if YOU share even one word on what YOU LOVE TO HEAR, it will be extremely and vitally significant.
The Song of The Redeemed is the very heartbeat of The Father and it is for this very reason that JESUS came, for HE is our KINSMAN REDEEMER that has given HIMSELF for our redemption. And for those whom have received this redemption gift they can exclaim with all confidence, REDEEMED IM SO HAPPY TO PROCLAIM IT, REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, REDEEEMED BY HIS INFINATE MERCY, And HIS CHILD AND FOREVER I AM. The Song of The Redeemed speaks of God’s Saving Love, Keeping Love, Forgiving Love, and Embracing Love. The Song of the Redeemed is about The Love of God for HIS people, and The Sweetest Song of all the ages is sung by The Passionate Heart on Fire for JESUS, with words of appreciative articulation out of the deepest places of one’s heart which inspires one’s own self and also a catalyst for others into greater devotion for HIM. One that has been touched by HIM, having encounters with HIM can with confidence say, “I am truly HIS ROSE, the very theme of HIS SONG, IM overshadowed by HIS LOVE, growing in the valley.” Song of Songs 2:1. Those that can rightly sing the Song of The Redeemed live out the song, “I am at rest in this Love”, Song of Songs 2:6; because you see there is a rest for The People of God, Hebrews 4:9. Not meaning that The Redeemed sit back on their laurels, no, they are to occupy and advance HIS KINGDOM, but that rest is a Blessed Assurance JESUS IS MINE, OH WHAT A FORETASTE OF GLORY DIVINE. HEIR OF SALVATION, PURCHASE OF GOD BORN OF HIS SPIRIT, WASHED IN HIS BLOOD. THIS IS MY STORY; THIS IS MY SONG, PRAISING MY SAVIOR, ALL THE DAY LONG.
THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED IS A PASSIONATE LOVE SONG THAT IS SUNG BY THE REDEEMED WITH NOT ONLY WORDS BUT ACTION AS THEIR VERY LIVES DEPICT I KNOW MY LOVER IS MINE AND I HAVE EVERYTHING IN HIM, FOR WE DELIGHT OURSELVES IN EACH OTHER.THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED IS A JOURNEY WITH HEAVEN’S GLORIOUS BRIDEGROOM. It is A MELODY SUNG FROM THE HEART OF JESUS FOR HIS LONGING BRIDE, AND HIS BRIDE WHOM HE REDEEMED SINGS BACK TO HIM, WITH everyday yearnings to be with HIM. “Come walk with me as YOU walked with Adam in YOUR Paradise Garden, Come taste the fruits of YOUR LIFE in me,” Song of Songs 4:16. The Song of The redeemed causes others to want to sing as they become inquisitive with, “What makes your Beloved better than any other?” “What is it about HIM?” Song of Songs 5:9. Charles Spurgeon, the well-known Preacher to Preachers is coined for saying this phrase,” You are either telling others about this JESUS that you know, or either you are an imposter.” Wow, that is a sobering thought!!!! So this Song that is HIS favorite that HE longs to hear is lived out not just in words to music, but in addition to words in music there is a Divine Exchange of Love. The Song of The redeemed will be passionately on display and will cause others to wonder, and become inquisitive and also desirous to want to know this one whom is more interested in you and me more than a thousand galaxies or a million stars, more than anything HE has ever created, for even Angels cannot sing this SONG. THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED, YES!!! THIS IS HIS FAVORITE SONG!!!!!
This Christmas as you hear those Carols and very familiar Christmas Hymns that have been embraced for years, know this…. HIS Favorite is THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED. GOD’S HOLY WORD SAYS, TO LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO. HE is no longer that Baby in a manger; it is no longer. It came upon a midnight clear (not being disrespectful) but HE IS A KING who is a Lover Shepherd Bridegroom. IF YOU KNOW HIM AND YOU LOVE HIM, SING HIS FAVORITE with every aspect of your very life, THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED.

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