The Weightiness of The Fatherís Blessing:

ďMay The Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord cause HIS Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, May The Lord turn HIS face toward you and give you peace.Ē Numbers 6:24-26

The Patriarchs knew The Power of a Blessing, and knew it was indeed significant for The Father of the house to lay hands on his children and speak the blessing over each one of them individually and strategically. Children were taught at an early age the seriousness of the blessing by their Father and looked forward in great expectation to the day their name was called and their Fatherís hands were laid upon their head with a strategic declaration pronounced over them. The word weighty as described by Websterís Dictionary means of *great importance, having high priority and rank, serious.
Father God set up the position of delegated authority for Earthly Fathers for the purpose of revealing HIS Character and to model HIS heart, to RE-PRESENT HIM. We have wandered so far from this Biblical model and mandate in todayís Society and homes have become vastly flawed producing children who are increasingly frail and that are trying to find their way in a depraved darkened world.  Not underestimating the significance of the Motherís role as Moms have a strategic assignment in the home and very vital is a Motherís words over her family which has profound significance, yet the role of a Father is to be employed for a family to be healthy and thrive. Understandably Godís Grace is there for many situations in which a Father is gone, but the ideal God given order is an active Father portraying what The Heavenly Father is like.
It is the very best and utmost purpose for an Earthly Father when he represents The Father Heart of God to his household. Distortion of oneís self which is embracing falsehood is rooted in the misrepresentation of who God is and what HE is like. The vast majority of humanity is trying to figure out who they are and for what purpose they are here. These are two prominent questions of life that hinge on the revelation of who God is, HIS Character traits, and what HE represents. The Word of God says that creation even the very Earth is groaning for the sons of God to arise and take their rightful position. Mankind is blaming these crazy weather patterns on ďGlobal WarmingĒ, however this is not Biblically based but based on manís science and his logic. Yet The Word of God clearly tells us that all of creation groans for the sons of God to rise up and take their rightful position (Romans 8:19). What do you think happens when the earth literally groans? Shifts take place, the climate is disturbed, erosion, melting away and decay manifest with hotter temps, colder temps and a whole lot of shaking going on.
In keeping with Our Fatherís very words of the most carried out, calculated, everlasting, and potent blessing that has ever been recorded, we must take a look at Numbers 6:24-26. It was Father God, Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe who instructed Moses to tell Aaron and his sons precisely and point on the very words to speak over the children of Israel. This blessing demonstrates the very core of the Heart of Father God and how HE wants to bless and keep HIS children. The words bless you are intimate, with pardon, peace, love, joy, and eternal life with HIM.  HE gives this blessing to Moses to give to Aaron for HE, HIMSELF would not leave out anything but HE wanted to make sure that we gain everything HE had in store for us originally, for within these three short verses in Numbers is the display of God The Fatherís Nature and HIS Character, regarding HIMSELF which is THE defining dynamism of LOVE. The word bless in Hebrew means to bestow upon  all manner of goodness, temporal and spiritual, and Keep is to continue in HIS Blessings and to preserve you in, and to the stewardship of the blessings with Keeping you from sin, and its bitter effects. We are guarded with Omnipotent power, for HE is able to keep us from falling (Jude 24). HE is able to keep us from sin, (1 Peter 1:3-5) Shine upon you is the alluding to the shining of the sun upon the earth, to enlighten, and warm, and renew the face of. The Lord Loves us and HE reveals to us that HE loves us, and upon this revelation which is received and lived out we cannot but be happy. If we have Godís Love, then we cannot but be at peace if we know that we have it. Lifting up HIS Countenance is looking upon us with a cheerful and pleasant countenance, as one that is well pleased with us and our lifestyles of service. Harmony is Peace with God, with our own conscience, and with mankind.
Earthly Fathers are wise to walk in humility with a reverential awe for God and in their God Ordained Authority, knowing who they are In CHRIST and to give THE BLESSING to their Household manifesting the very nature of God to their family. HE CREATED US WITH THIS IN MIND, TO BLESS US, TO KEEP US, TO CAUSE HIS FACE TO SHINE UPON US, TO TURN HIS FACE TOWARD US AND TO GIVE US HIS PEACE. OH, THAT THE FATHERS WOULD ARISE, GET IN POSITION AND BLESS THEIR HOUSEHOLD BY REPRESENTING JESUS BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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