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Stretching is good for us, as it keeps us pliable, with the ability to adjust to varying conditions, for when things get too familiar for too long; well ……..we have a tendency to get stiff, and ridged. When we get accustomed to a certain schedule or a routine for long periods of time, it is then that our very lives may take on monotony simply by way of the familiarity. This knowing that we have acquired through repetition seems to swallow up the freshness, with the capacity to diminish our alertness and we can miss out on great truths simply because we think we can navigate pretty much without effort or thought, as we have done it this certain way for so long of a time, which is reflected in this popular phrase, “I can do it with my eyes closed.”
Perhaps this is one of many reasons why God made Seasons, as HE has included for us so beautifully and with great thought and purpose these changes, so we will not miss out on what HE desires to reveal to us, and our dire dependency upon HIM when we are facing uncharted territory. When Newness and variation is added it brings with it the catapulting of an awareness of our necessity to slow down a bit and navigate more circumspectly. (Ephesians 5:15) Careful Living.
 Autumn seems to always bring with it thoughts of school starting, with a goal of producing more growth, and with it is typically a season of vivid color with a breath of fresh cool air, that if we look upon it for what it is, brings delight to our lives with its varied expressions of nature, and comforting delightful spices that have a way of arousing our taste buds with dance. This new Season has a way to usher us into an excitement of looking about, watching, waiting, expecting new birth to emerge even amidst the donning of the trees with their leaves that are falling all about and covering the ground with a different blanket. Yes, this is Change, and it speaks to us if we will be quiet and practice listening with all of our senses which have a way then to get us in position to handle our opportunities, relationships, assignments, and our days more gingerly, as we become more aware of the vastness of our Creator, HIS love, and our neediness upon HIM in every aspect of our lives. “Be still and know that I AM GOD,” Psalm 46:10.
 The Psalmist gave us a word under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit that has great worth to us if we will but heed. That word is SELAH, and it means to pause, and to think about and consider, meditate on, to chew upon if you will, what HE has just spoken to us. Selah is mentioned 71 times in the Psalms and also three times in Habakkuk, and oh what maturation it brings when we but heed.  I so believe that David practiced Selah and this is what kept him focused and refocused in every season of his life, as for him it was of the utmost utter importance regardless of what was going on to interact with HIS SHEPHERD. Those very Selah times on those Judean Hills while tending his Father’s Sheep got him ready to take the sheep out of the mouth of the lion and the bear, and in turn those continual  times of Selah’s with such reverent awe to HIS Shepherd and KING made him ready with a sure boldness to slay the giant Goliath. The Selah’s helped him when change was thrust upon him because of such a responsiveness of which He cultivated in intimacy with The Lord that got him in correct position to rest within when all hell was breaking forth without. And Because of David’s Selah’s many people through the ages have found comfort in meditating on The Psalms. You see it’s in the purposeful solitude with Our Lord that a worshipper and a warrior are fashioned. “Oh taste and see that The Lord is Good!” (Ps. 34:8).
It is said that when we pause to make a stroke on life’s canvas of our lives, that the next stroke that is made produces the best picture and when we play our instruments and there comes a rest in the melody, with a purposeful pause in the music, that the very next note that is played is the sweetest, as it has its way to capture our attention.  When we have become so mindless if you will because of the routine of our life that we think we can do it alone without the pausing and the thinking about with a respect and honor to HIM that gave us life and sustains us even in the familiarity, it becomes for us a sure collapse. Change is here or is coming and it is designed to create within us awareness, because eyes that are closed while doing life, makes for complacency, and danger.
We encourage you to ENGAGE ALL YOUR SENSES & celebrate the changes and seasons that come because each has within them the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent breath of Almighty God that desires us to lean more upon HIM and SELAH, for HE is raising up worshippers and warriors that are alert and ready to see with the eyes of Faith in the very challenging age we are living in with its rapid quick firing change and to truly enjoy HIS presence and the supernatural ability to see dwarfs instead of giants. “Be on guard, stand firm in the faith; be courageous. be strong,” 1 Corinthians 16:13.

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