SHILOH MESSENGER - February 2014

Because You Can't Never Always Sometimes Tell

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to Angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

 We have done some pondering, revisited in our minds this puzzling happening with its too few remembered details and given some interesting thought to a visitor we recently had. She looked quite common initially, ordinary as one can be we had supposed, with pleasing mannerisms, coupled with cordiality, presenting casual dressed attire and looked to be perhaps in her mid-sixties. This visitor had appeared to have made no hesitation in coming right up to our door, advancing and entering into the Shiloh Ministry Reception area. She had come to us requesting help, stating the need was fuel for her 2004 Chevrolet 15 Passenger Van in which she had driven onto the Shiloh property.
While waiting on a Resident Councilor to assist her, she was observant and swift to notice that another staff member of Shiloh had accidentally and quite grievously dropped paint on the carpet. She spoke up immediately and said, “A little vinegar and water will take that right up.” He thanked her and turned to get the suggested materials for clean-up. She then left following a Shiloh Councilor to the local Community Convenient Store for the gas that she had requested. As Cliff pumped her gas she kept telling him repeatedly, “it want hold that much, be careful not to waste it, it will overflow quickly.” He finished pumping the gas with all that the van would hold, and he then proceeded to pray over her, in which she then finished with a blessing over him. This Visitor was courteous, offered advice, was careful not to waste, received the prayer, gave a blessing and with great haste off she went.
Now This all seems fairly normal if you think about it, It happens, someone in need, coming onto a Ministry ground and asking for the Ministers to help meet the need, but that is not all that happened for there  is yet a bit of mystery involved.  You see when the guy returned to clean the paint up, the spill was completely gone with no evidence of it ever being there to start with which left him very much astounded to say the least, because there had been no time for anyone humanly speaking to get the paint up with no trace, that quick, even with the best of paint removers and cleaning equipment.
The Bible is replete with accounts of Angelic Visitations to humanity, from Abraham in the Old Testament to many Prophets and onward with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and many of the Apostles as well. Take notice how these Biblical Saints of old responded to them. Revelation is certainly full of Assignments that Angels have been given regarding bringing about the revelation of Jesus Christ. Psalm 91 a passage most believers are familiar with is quoted often as it reminds us that Our Father in Heaven has Angels assigned to us to watch over and protect us.
Years ago Pastor Rocky had a visitation that he is quite sure to be Angelic, as he vividly recalls before his deliverance from his heroin addiction. He was at a home installing window glass, as this was his manner of livelihood, being a glazier. He was there alone with no one at home and had accidentally cut his arm when a piece of glass fell out of the opening. An artery was cut and spurting blood everywhere. A large fair skinned blonde haired man appeared and began to assist him in applying the needed pressure to the area and began to tell Rocky things that only he and God knew. The angelic visitor reminded him about his salvation experience when he was eight years old. This visitor continued in ministering by saying, “God wants you back in relationship with Him and He has an assignment for you.” He then left as quickly as he had appeared. Nonetheless, this Angelic encounter got Rocky’s attention and one month later he arrived at Canaan Land Ministries in Alabama to get set free from 23 years of drug addiction.
We were in Kiev Ukraine with a team of YWAMers in 1994 and were getting ready to leave on train from Kiev to Liviv. The team consisted of 20 adults and 4 small children, with lots of luggage between all of us for a two month outreach. The team had made it to the train and safely on, with the exclusion of Debbie and Janet who were waiting for some of their team mates to come back and help. The Conductor was already blowing the whistle alerting everyone that they were about to pull off, when Suddenly a very tall dark skinned man quickly appeared, picked up the majority of the heavy bags like a super human strength was involved and began to run toward the train without ever saying a word in which Debbie and Janet followed suit and made it to the train in time. The YWAM Team leaders being extremely grateful turned to get money to pay this individual but he had speedily gone as quickly as he had come.
In Hebrews we are given instructions to be careful how we entertain strangers as we may be entertaining Angels unaware, and also Hebrews tells us that Angels are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. These Angel beings that are created by God are found over 300 times in The Bible protecting believers, waging spiritual warfare, comforting and encouraging, bringing blessings, bringing strength during trials, assisting in bringing people to Christ, Disclosing God’s will, Bringing answers to prayers, and Glorifying God’s Name. We are not to worship them, for God alone is to be worshipped, yet we are not to be ignorant about them and non-receptive either. We are to know that they are positioned and assigned by God with rank and order, and The Bible reveals to us that Angels will escort us into the presence of God upon our earthly death, and that one day the saints will judge Angels. They most assuredly play a significant and vital part in God’s Beautiful Creation, and we are sure that many reading this Newsletter can testify of their own personal Angelic Visitations, having had Divine encounters where you were supernaturally protected, encouraged, and even given a message by an Angel from God. Hind’s sight is said to be 20/20 therefore we are all to develop prudent foresight Being Alert, & watchful because you can’t never always sometimes tell.

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