Divine Visitations, Raising the Dead, & Shooting Arrows

 In our life In Christ, We have often been challenged and prompted with our goals and visions regarding the reality of influence, and multiplication, and how our goals simply must be extraordinarily bigger than ourselves so much so that we are unable to accomplish them on our own accord, because if not, then they are just honestly too plain and obviously way too insignificant. If our plans do not include The Creator of the universe, allowing HIM to be in our equation, and inviting HIM to inspire, spur us on and breathe creativity into us by HIS Divine wisdom and revelation with an eternal mind set and HIS empowerment upon us to actually accomplish the miraculous, then quite frankly our vision is fleeting, defected, extremely weak, myoptic, shortsighted, and itsy bitsy which is the definition of very small and narrow-minded.  So with this in perspective, we must periodically take inventory and look at our goals, and our vision for this life, and ask ourselves questions such as, Have I, and am I living life Huge and cooperating with The Divine in ushering in and stewarding HIS Heartbeat for my life with an Eternal Impact? Is my life persuading others for good and for His Glory in such a way that will out live me on this side of Eternity and carry on growth and mass production with super charged vision coming after me? Is the manifested evidence on display for others to witness that the Mighty Hand of God most definitely is upon me and moving mightily in and through my life making a difference for good, and for HIS Honor?

These days of our lives on this side are actually short and fleeting like a vapor, a mere mist. The Word of God describes in James and Ecclesiastes how we steward our life on this side has great significance regarding our assignments in Eternity.  In Daniel, The Holy Word of God describes people who know The Lord as those who do exploits, or in other words those who employ to the greatest possible advantage. Saying all of this thus far, we are reminded to live a life with lifting our vision higher. 

We actually saw a cartoon illustration years ago that was depicting vision, and it carries a lot of weight because in that example, there were two individuals who were in the same situation which happened to be in a desert without resources, and the both of them equally being furiously a thirst, yet one man was saying and seeing water in his mirage, and the other lifted his vision higher saying and seeing a tall iced glass of lemonade and a soft chewy delectable oatmeal raisin cookie. May we ask you at this point, what are you saying and what are you seeing as far as vision, goals, and living out your days on this planet, for we would most assuredly be amiss if we failed not to challenge ourselves as well as you.

The Title of this Newsletter was dropped into our spirit as one we are watching God bring to pass in and through us, and yet there is so much more to be and to carry out. We cannot begin to do anything meaningful for God that will stand through all of eternity absent encounters with HIM, as HE IS THE CHIEF VISIONARY, and it is HE that imparts to us extraordinary vision and goals that require Faith in action, because without Faith it is impossible to please HIM. HE is our Visionary inspiration for exploits indeed and the very reason we have passion to do so is all because of this great Love encounter with HIM and in HIM. HE never calls us to live insignificant lives without impact upon humanity, and HE always gives us assignments we can never work out in our own capabilities.

Years ago, 20 years to be exact while doing Mission work in the Nation of Hungary, We received a Word delivered to us by a young man of about 13 years of age, and have not let it go but have held on to that word through the many years that have passed. The word that he delivered was that God said, “Do not doubt, but believe, for we would raise the dead.” Now that is a huge, extraordinary, blow us out of the water kind of a word to receive, but with God all things are possible, for nothing is too hard for HIM. We have taken hold of that word and believe it for the kind of assignment that the Lord has positioned us in, and we have cooperated with The Lord as we and the rest of the Shiloh Staff have laid our lives down to be utilized by God to call forth dead men walking through the doors of Shiloh, and we are seeing manifestations of these walking corpses of men if you will, breathing in the breath of God and coming to life, but let us be clear we by no means limit God for the literal dead to be raised either, for we believe in The Supernatural Power of The Almighty God and HE is not restricted.

Shooting Arrows is terminology that we are using in our prayers regarding the men that God has entrusted us with, for we are asking God when their year at Shiloh has finished to shoot them out like arrows to The Nations. HE tells us in HIS WORD that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, therefore to pray to THE Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers to the harvest field. We have vision and goals to reach out globally to every Nation, tribe, and tongue with The Good News of Jesus Christ. We do believe that some are to stay here in our Nation and be revivalist in this USA that is manifesting to a greater degree than ever before in its history such lawlessness and idolatry. So, our vision and goals are not myoptic for sure and they are totally unobtainable through ourselves, BUT GOD is the one that can do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything we can ask, think or imagine according to Ephesians 3:20, therefore we cannot help but to hold on to increasing encounters with HIM, raising the dead, and shooting arrows.
2014 has newly begun and we are challenged to live out HIS super on our natural and we exhort you to as well as you meet with HIM, Inquire of HIM, Receive from HIM, and Dream big, holding on to extraordinary goals fully cooperating with HIM and in doing so lift your vision higher than it has ever been watching HIM move mightily in your midst impacting humanity with HIS great love.

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