Fourth Quarter Inventory With An Accurate Appraisal

Psalm 139:23-24

It seems so abrupt to be in the last quarter of this year, nonetheless it has been consistent with still a 24 hour system and a day in and day out progression of 273 days that have been spent thus far. Where does time go is often a question that is asked by many who find themselves to be a witness to the fact that life indeed goes by in such an extraordinarily swift rate. (James 4:14)
Every Year about this time, when summer says so-long, farewell and arrivederci, when Autumn comes out, over takes the other seasons and makes itself known by its transitioning in the air, that there becomes a pondering inclination for us at Shiloh to take an inventory on how we have done life at this point in this present year. If we wait until the New Year to give this question attention on how we are doing, and perhaps the modifications that may prove to be necessary, aren’t we a little behind schedule to create a meaningful and significant ending to this particular year? Therefore the last quarter seems right, like a worthy spot to be for inventory taking regarding Spiritual Growth Assessments and how we are doing in our relationship with The Lord JESUS and lining up to HIS Word to therefore indeed be finishing with an Eternal Mindset of Knowing HIM, Loving HIM, and enjoying HIS Presence.
In evaluating how well we are doing we can never trust our own opinions, or even the views of others as a whole, as this in itself would be misleading, for some things may be un noticeable, having tiptoed  in, or seemingly insignificant and unimportant, or perhaps placed on the back burner and honestly overlooked and   forgotten by us. We must go to the One that nothing is hidden from, nothing skipped over, not one single aspect of our lives missed and a right account is assured by HIM, for HE is TRUTH and a JUST JUDGE whom prioritizes with excellence, integrity, holiness, love and faithfulness. HE is the only One that can and will give to us an undiluted report as HIS Guidance is the key to an accurate appraisal (Psalm 139:23-24) (Jeremiah 33:3).
The Lord God speaks in many ways to us as HIS Sons and HIs Daughters, but the primary ways is by HIS HOLY SPIRIT speaking with that still quiet voice from within us and then by way of HIS WRITTEN WORD, also within HIS Written Word the book of Proverbs is provided for us that is loud in decibels and intensity as a powerful guide. Oswald Chambers an early twentieth century Evangelist who is best known  as the Author of the devotional, My Utmost for HIS Highest has been quoted saying this of two of the Poetic Books of The Bible, “Psalms teaches us how to pray but Proverbs teaches us how we are to live.”
 In Proverbs 22:11, The Word of God instructs us that if  You love a pure heart and your careful with your speech, making sure it to be gracious, then JESUS, HIMSELF who is KING of The Universe will be your friend. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” For us to have a flourishing ending we must have KING JESUS as our Friend, HE must be our Focal Point, and it is crucial for us to be carefully discerning with our words as they are truly containers of power. We must be making sure they are full of grace, blessing and not cursing, decreeing life, and being salty around others causing them to be thirsty as well for The Lord and therefore It is of the utmost that we call upon The Holy Spirit of God to purify us as we invite HIM to lead us into a ravenous desire of hungering and thirsting after righteousness.
If this is our heart cry, and we are making ourselves cooperative with HIM, then we cannot but help to end up with growth IN HIM. Our Spiritual journeys as an Apprentice of Christ began the moment we admitted personal sin, and placed our trust in Christ as Savior and Lord, and from that point until death or the return of Christ our life’s call is to grow in Christ likeness, but without question God does the revealing, the renewing, the empowering, and the recreating, but still yet, it is our part as HIS Apprentice to do the yielding, submitting, inquiring, seeking, and obeying. CS Lewis, one of the twentieth century’s most influential and brilliant Novelist, Christian Writers, and Apologist is quoted saying, “God does not want something from us, HE simply wants us.” If Romans 12:1-2 is our life style, we do stay on course, for HE shows us step by step HIS PERFECT WILL for our lives.
 The fourth quarter is a great evaluation spot, however every day is just a really good day to invite HIM to show us things and basically to say, “Tell me Lord, how did I do life today through YOUR eyes, Are YOU truly my focal point, and do I have eternity in mind, have I loved YOU with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and also Lord, have I loved my neighbor as myself, Is my heart pure and has my speech been gracious Sir?” (Psalm 139:23-24)

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