"Better Than I Deserve"

“Nevertheless in Your great mercy You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them; For You are God, gracious and merciful." (Nehemiah 9:31)
I knew a man that was once addicted to meth and crack cocaine for over six years.  He found himself living under bridges in Shreveport, Louisiana and panhandling for money just to stay high.  He had lost all connections and credibility with his entire family including his twin boys that were born on his 20th birthday.  He always had an excuse and blamed everyone else for his problems.  In January of 2005, he finally hit his bottom, and God opened the door for him at Shiloh.  His dad knew that he had left him in anointed hands under the care of Pastor Rocky & Sister Debbie.  However, after the man had been there six months, he learned of the tragic truck accident that took his dad’s life.  His dad would never be able to witness on earth the complete transformation that took place in his son’s life while he was at Shiloh. 
After his graduation in January of 2006, God allowed this man to return to Shreveport, Louisiana, where he met his future bride in a local singles ministry.  God led him to a dedicated Christian woman who was devoted to Him.  They were married by Pastor Rocky at Shiloh in December of 2006, and God quickly restored his relationship with his twin boys.  Two months after he was married, God led him and his new bride to start a lawn care business in the Shreveport area and call it “Fertile Soil Lawn Care,” which is based on the verse found in Luke 8:8 where “some seed fell on fertile soil and produced a hundred fold.”  He wanted God to use him and his business to point others toward Him.  However, Satan will always choose to attack God’s anointed vessels that are committed to making a difference for Him.  The man struggled through fleshly temptations and worldly desires that would only bring destruction in his life and the life of his family.  But, because he had been equipped with proper spiritual tools from his time at Shiloh, the man refused to fall victim to Satan’s snares again.  Growing through the lessons learned in the valleys, God strengthened his marriage and his commitment to Him in ways he never thought possible.  In 2010, God gave him and his wife the opportunity to start a second business installing temporary traffic control signs and barricades for road construction projects.  They chose to name it “Acacia Industries” after the foundational wood God directed his people to use in the Bible.  God has definitely given him better than he deserved.
Clint Maynard and his wife Carla have been dedicated supporters of the Shiloh vision and ministry.  They continue to visit often and remain close to both Sister Debbie and Pastor Rocky.  Contributions and generous donations to Shiloh makes lives like his a reality.
-Shiloh Ministry Team

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